Kent Manufacturing, Better Business? Not Really!

America Love it or leave it, Kent left!
America Love it or leave it, Kent left!
Better Business means lower wages less benefits for workers. Large corporations not 'business" are beyond needing so-called better; they are richer and want to be even richer. Remember  their goal, is profit, although they have Billions and Millions they fear losing the million. Greed. If they left the USA with no concern, why let them back at all? Oh were desperate for work; but only work sponsored by "private" sources. There is much work to done in Energy Renewable, Infrastructure,Protecting national Parks, cleaning the landscapes, from litter and pollution, but the republican Party will have none of it. We are better off without such economies that are in their very nature and fiber, anti-American, uncivil minded and for profit only.   This prediction, when and if business returned from overseas they would come back in the Southern States because of low-wages and No Unions, is now occurring on a small scale. These traitors deserve not Cheerleaders from the American people. It is guaranteed their overseas accounts and profits are off-shore and untouchable, The system that allows all this liaise-fair free market capitalism is the blame, not New Jersey. The companies return should produce no reaction, except that of a traitor to his Nation.  Kent manufacturing should fly the "confederate flag from their facility, not the flag of the USA. Hopefully their facility in South Carolina will  not develop new land, but utilize already developed land. What became of their old facility in New Jersey.  People Wake Up and realize our so-called economy is not a moral one, but an uneconomic economy. Minimum wages, no benefits, high costs of living and rents, brings a poor economy.  
  Believing that New Jersey is some-how not good for business is supporting the crooks who robbed us all,lowing the Bar for all people is not the answer.
  The South will rise again, as we receded back toward the days of slave and free. We are a people lost in an economy that serves few and degrades many and the Earth we live upon.
  Finally it is wrong to call Kent a Parsippany Company. They use the address to gain the tax benefits of an American company, for their stock-holders, while their manufacturing base is in China. 


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