Regressive Tax System is good for whom?

It gets better for the Haves not the nots'
It gets better for the Haves not the nots'
  This is what progress, or corporatism has brought the common man. Who in Trenton, or Washington is looking out for US?  The diagrams show's it only gets more unfair. What tough decisions are being made by Christie? None, he needs big money to sponsor his Presidential aspirations, choosing prestige, over principals of fairness and democracy.  People we have no voice, only freedom as hear; to write or speak, but no catalysis in either State or Federal Legislatures. If anything the Federal Taxes are somewhat fairer in their taking, than State and local taxes. Is this what our founding fathers intended? Think not; even the privileged rulers of that time would be morally appalled in their Christian, and aspects of reason toward fair governing and concepts of "civilization and laws".
  With all this privilege and right corporations are allowed not be responsible. They are allowed to place themselves above the law. Their preferred drug is money; cold cash. Which according to the Supreme Court has no ill effects or hints of corruption. Was this the 'supreme court' of Planet Mars?  
  However 36 dollars on average is little, on a local municipal tax, but still not necessary if we look at the big picture. BOE.

Nicholas Robert Homyak May 30, 2014 at 04:16 PM
In others words we didn't save taxpayers a million we charged em thirty-six dollars more...


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