For Federal and State Taxes, Tuesday Is D-Day

Have you beaten the deadline to file your annual tax return?

The day so many of us dread is here. It's April 17, the day 2011 returns must be postmarked or e-filed in order to avoid penalties from the federal or state government.

Few of us like to pay taxes, but it is part of our responsibility as citizens to contribute to the maintenance of roads, infrastructure and the programs people throughout the nation at all income levels use, such as Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. 

As such, there are those of us—probably the same ones who are organized and efficient in getting end-of-the-year holiday shopping done early—who bite the bullet, dig in and file as soon as they can after the first of the year.

Then there is another group (including this poor wretch, who finally filed Sunday). We are the ones who, for whatever reason, let the obligation slide for as long as possible.

Another group of filers are those who have yet to file and are trying to beat land-speed records on this Tuesday to render unto Caesar before the midnight deadline, after which a nasty penalty applies. (Here is IRS info on filing for an extension.)

Which group includes you? Please take the poll below and tell us your thoughts about the tax deadline and taxation in general.

And while you're at it, we have another question that follows: What do you think of the amount you paid in taxes this year?

Howard Letts April 17, 2012 at 10:54 AM
How do we know the results of the poll??
Natalie Davis April 17, 2012 at 02:23 PM
After you vote, a results page comes up. If you visit the site at a future time, it should default to showing the results view.


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