Geese Chill Out at Lake Parsippany

Tooling about the township, Patch sometimes comes across the most interesting sights.

When we saw a number of geese while driving around Parsippany on a chilly, gray Tuesday afternoon, it got us thinking: Could the birds be missing Bess the Dog, the longtime town worker dog who spent 2000-2010 as Parsippany's goose wrangler?

. While she lived, the 14-year-old English border collie worked hard, shooing geese away from grassy areas surrounding schools and in parks, and continued to visit the town's Parks and Forestry office each day, even after her retirement.

Patch thought of old Bess as we watched a gaggle of the birds congregating on the shore of Lake Parsippany. We found it a stirring sight and decided to share it. 

If you have cool shots to share, please feel free and upload them to our Pics and Clips page.


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