Oil Pipeline Opponents to Host Info Session Tuesday

Members of the New Jersey Sierra Club will share details on New York-New Jersey interstate Pilgrim Pipeline proposal.

A group leading the charge against a proposed 178-mile pipeline that would transport oil between New York and New Jersey is holding an information session in Parsippany Tuesday night, open to anyone interested in learning more.

The community meeting will be held at the Parsippany Library on Halsey Road at 6:30 p.m., presented by a “coalition of environmental and community groups,” according to a statement from the Sierra Club of New Jersey.

The Pilgrim Pipeline would link Albany, N.Y. to Linden with a bidirectional line, sending Bakkan crude oil down to Linden with refined products travelling north to Albany, the release said.

Bakken oil is produced by fracking in North Dakota, and is considered to be highly explosive and highly dangerous, said Kate Millsaps, Sierra Club conservation program coordinator.

“The upcoming community meetings are an opportunity for local, concerned citizens to learn more about the Pilgrim Pipeline project and how they can become more involved.  The Pilgrim Pipeline project would bring an extreme, dangerous fuel source into both densely populated and environmentally sensitive areas along its route.  This infrastructure would create a serious risk and communities along the route need to know what the impacts will be and what rights they have,” Millsaps said in the statement.

A second meeting will be held in Fanwood on Tuesday, June 10 at the Forest Road Park Building at 6:30 p.m.

The Sierra Club, along with dozens of other groups, called on governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo to oppose the project last week, nj.com reported.

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings LLC would only need permits from each state to move forward, and would need no federal approvals, the report said. The pipeline is proposed to run parallel to the New York State Thruway and Route 287 in New Jersey.

Parsippany Library is located at 449 Halsey Road in Parsippany.

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William June 02, 2014 at 03:54 PM
Problem is Tree hugers do not check facts they are only repeaters , then fade away when proven wrong.
Mark Miller June 03, 2014 at 06:29 AM
According to an "On Earth" article "Blackouts Show the Bright Side of Solar" written by Ben Jervey (11/26/12) solar cells could work during a blackout if they are attached to the grid during usual conditions and can be separated during blackouts with the help of battery banks and modified circuitry. Following Sandy blackouts a Long Island family that had battery banks kept their 4.8 kilowatt array powering their appliances and neighbors were also coming over to charge their phones and devices. Most homes with solar cells funnel the energy into an inverter (AC to DC) and then directly into the home fuse box with excess electricity sent out to the grid. This would be a safety hazard for workers repairing the lines so the inverter is shut down. The way around this is the modified circuitry and battery banks, NOT giving up on solar cells entirely! The battery banks are currently expensive, though with greater production and demand the price should decrease over time. If there are hiccups with solar technology it isn't about being physically or scientifically unable, there is an unaddressed economic inequality to blame. Why are petroleum based energy systems supported by government subsidies while solar cells are not? Ref; http://www.onearth.org/blog/blackouts-show-the-bright-side-of-rooftop-solar
William June 03, 2014 at 07:56 AM
Mark thanks for the Reply and info. you did some research. All that Retro Fitting is all well and good but is beyond expensive. When you do any additions to the system where in most cases it is Leased not yours they do not allow it, and if you do there is no Warranty to the Panels, Plus the Batteries also pose a disposal problem. they are not the answer yet, Generators where a problem during sandy because some people had them hooked up to there main Panel sending elect.Back in the system.
Mark Miller June 04, 2014 at 07:09 AM
Thanks Bill for encouraging me to do the research. There needs to be easier and more affordable ways to install solar cell tech (batteries, rewiring, etc...) and small vertical windmills for household use. Most of the expenses are because the technology is not being used on a large scale so there is no mass production of materials needed. Just like when DVD players first appeared they were more expensive than they are now, because back then VCRs were still the most common tech product available. Over time as more people bought DVDs the price went down as they were mass produced. Solar cell tech isn't that new yet the price hasn't gone down and they are not being mass produced. There seems to be some sort of economic glitch here when science shows that solar cell technology is workable in physical reality yet remains unaffordable and unavailable to the majority on consumers. My guess is that government subsidies to the petroleum industry are the culprit, and that VCRs did not receive the same treatment. Propping up the petroleum industry with government subsidies creates unnatural conditions in the economy that should instead help new technology become available to all at a reasonable price. The analogy isn't entirely accurate as VCRs and DVDs were both manufactured and sold by the same corporations while petroleum to solar involve different corporations and financial interests.


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