Phone Scams Continue to Target Indian/Asian Twp. Residents

The scam calls are about IRS tax fraud. Report these calls to the police.

In September, a specific group of people in Parsippany were targeted as part of a tax scam and Parsippany Police Chief Paul Philipps sent out an advisory back then to bring attention to a “continuing security concern."

One township resident said that she received several scam calls regarding IRS tax fraud.

"I have received three phone calls so far, one (Thursday) morning at 6:49 a.m," said Anuj Mehta, Parsippany resident. "I have already informed Parsippany police about this, and I hope residents don't fall for this scam."

Parsippany Police Ptl. Remo D’Alessandro, Community Relations Office, said that Mehta is not alone and other residents have also reported similar scam calls. 

"We have had some complaints from the elderly and Asian / Indian communities regarding fraudulent phone calls where the suspects are stating they are from the IRS and the recipient is in default of their taxes and need to send money immediately," said D’Alessandro. "The victims who call the Police are advised not to respond to the calls."  

Residents gave police the phone numbers that showed up on caller ID and police have forwarded the numbers to their Investigative Division and it's still an ongoing investigation. 

"To my knowledge, it is not a high volume of incidents currently, but they do still occur. There doesn’t seem to be a common phone number they are calling from though," said D’Alessandro. 

Mehta said that the number that has been calling her is 530-380-2641.

Have you been getting scam calls? 
Nicholas Robert Homyak November 25, 2013 at 10:17 AM
You would have to be a fool; to mail in the money. Sounds like harassment. The United States in a Nation of Tax Fraud. Robin More; steal from the poor give to the rich. Corporate tax breaks, make it hard on the rest of us. Your Taxed for everything..Yes citizens must, should pay tax, but not like the laws of this corporate haven of tax evasion, through their government take -over to benefit from what "our tax dollars" and work gave this country in the past. What do we get from our taxes? Security? Military? Not Education, Not Health Care! Not a dollar's worth of anything. Oh; forgot, you can buy a USA Flag, made in China, tax free. The Flag raised saluted; and the pledge of; lets make it all even harder for those who have it the worse already. "promote prosperity, create harmony, prevent destructive competition, among various constituted groups" No way! that's real democracy practicing good government. Why would for profit corporate no allegiance, only to their money, want that?


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