Parsippany Teen Crafts a Kind Solution

Emily Muniz is helping to bridge the generation gap.

Whiz Kid’s Name:  Emily Muniz

Whiz Kid’s Age: 17 years old

Whiz Kid’s Grade: Senior

Whiz Kid’s School:  Parsippany Hills High School

Whiz Kid’s Awesomeness:  Sharing the art of kindness

Emily Muniz is a bridge builder. The Parsippany High senior fused her love of arts and crafts with her passion for community outreach and created a way to bring different generations together. Emily's effort is called the Key to Kindness Project, and its goal is to unite the senior residents of Baldwin Oaks and the youth of Parsippany.  

While working as a camp counselor this summer for the Parsippany Recreation Park Program, Emily sought a way to make a connection between the Baldwin Oaks community and the camp’s youth.   She decided the best way was through arts and crafts.  The children colored over 300 keychain tags, which were recently distributed to the residents.   Not only did the children get a chance to express their creativity, but they were able to bring smiles to others with their act of kindness.   The project was such a hit among the kids and the adults that Emily decided to put together craft books filled with project ideas for each of the summer park programs. 

Emily encourages others to give back to communities such as Baldwin Oaks.   

“The smiles you get are worth every hour you put in,” she said.

At Par High, Emily participates in volleyball, basketball and track and field.  Emily has been involved in the Girl Scouts program since kindergarten at Intervale School and is part of Troop 1830.


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