Preserve Greystone Sets Sights on Facility's Future

Video on the Go captured a presentation the group made in Denville Tuesday night.

The Preserve Greystone group gathered Tuesday at the Denville
Library to discuss the history of the Parsippany psychiatric hospital and future plans for this historic Morris County site. Video on the Go caught the event.

clyde donovan December 06, 2012 at 05:02 PM
The ONLY way to preserve and restore the main building is to allow a developer(s) to turn it into for-profit, mixed-use. Condos, apartments, office condos, rental offices, retail, restaurants, thearters, sports and health clubs, etc. The taxpayers CANNOT afford to pay tens of millions of dollars to restore and maintain this into to some type of weird non-profit Museum of Mental lllness and free space for non-profits. Did you hear that garbage about "heritage tourism"? That means this organization is planning for you the taxpayer to pay to support this building as a freaky musem and free space for non-profit groups. Millions and millions of taxpayers cash down the toilet every year and pennies from tourism. This is part of The Big Preservation Lie - that some kind of historic museum can generate enough revenue to maintain this structure. No way!!! It's time to put this building back on the tax roles through commercial use. Otherwise bulldoze it. Who is going to demolish and clean up the coal-gasification plant on this site? It should be a declared a Superfund site and cleaned up by the state without delay. The by-products of coal gasification are the 19th century equivalent of nuclear waste.


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