Super Slides Rule at Northvail Elementary School

Schoolyard playground is home to some of the fastest slides in town

On the side of at 10 Eileen Court, you'll find challenging slides and climbing structures that are sure to thrill even the most seasoned playground hopper.

The main "course" of equipment is definitely more suitable for children ages 5 and up than for toddlers. It has some super-fast slides that will have the kids squealing. The sliding boards are tall and curved, which makes them extra exciting.

There's also a structure like a spider's web that hangs from posts attached to the rest of the playground so kids can ascend and descend. It's part of an overall obstacle course the children create themselves.

A separate piece of equipment features a rocky slide or climbing structure that looks like a river bed or waterfall.

Circular monkey bars are fun to navigate, and there are at least a dozen swings to keep everyone entertained.

Behind the school is  main complex. Not far away is Central Middle School.

Don't forget, it's only appropriate to visit a school playground when school is not in session.

When you visit Northvail, go out to Route 46 for lots of options for refreshments including  and or head into Lake Hiawatha for more choices.

Amy Lamperti is the publisher of The Playground Guide and co-owner of www.njplaygrounds.com. For more details on playgrounds all over New Jersey, visit the website or follow NJ Playgrounds on Facebook.




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