Who's to Blame, Gov. or BOE? Also: Bad Coaches, Snow Day Dilemma

What readers had to say this week.

When Gov. Chris Christie dropped a bombshell Thursday night, announcing that the district's budget wouldn't be approved, despite approval from the county superintendent, readers had a lot to say.

They also commented on the downside of sports, the new township website, and an Intervale school bus accident that might have been prevented had the district declared a snow day.

Lauren Belfiore

Is the Governor really going to use the $127,950,000 that represents the rest of the budget to force Seitz hand?... If the people of Parsippany want to force (Seitz) out in favor of someone who will earn less, so be it. That is for Parsippany residents to decide, not for the state. Yet as of today the state is holding the entire budget hostage over what should be a local decision. We need the state to back off and let us decide. The state should approve the budget and put it to the voters.

Hank Heller

 Yes we are a Home Rule state. However, the behavior shown by many years of bad politicians making very bad decisions has caused us to have to re-think what is best for the common citizen. Your taxes will go further through the roof , as will mine...while we pay the high ranking executives who produce little in public benefit more and more. All this while those same executives try every game they can to reduce teachers salaries and benefits, cops salaries and benefits, firemen's salaries and benefits etc. Maybe those salaries and benefits have to go down, but they should not go down befor the salaries and benefits to the executives who manage them are affected in the same direction. 

Steve Revette

Oh my god. This is getting way out of control.


Louise Ciccone

"I had a vision of transparency in government, and that's reflected by this site." I think he also had a vision of seeing his face and name all over the front page. The montage behind the "Mayor's Action Center" is something!

I also like the new site over the new one, and I hope this is just the beginning of making more detailed information available to residents. My experience tells me we are absolutely overpaying for it and it's disappointing that there wasn't, at the very least, a bid process for it.

Daivd Loenson 

I'm a web developer myself... Anyone thinking they can pay a student or a freelancer $300 and end up with a quality dynamic website capable of handling the myriad of tasks the town's new site will be handling is woefully uninformed. To put 22k a year in perspective... GE's web development contract in the 90's to a small NJ firm that I was a part of was for over 20 million dollars a year for their main site (not much larger than Parsippany's now) and a few sub-sites based off of the same template as the main site. That was in the 90's, costs have only gone up since.


Diane Campbell

I do think that coaches need to be reminded every once in a while that it is a game. It is meant to teach our children about working together as a team while learning about the sport and the proper way to handle and win or a loss. I have found myself amazed that there will be little ones left on the bench because they may not be a star player. It shapes how they feel about the sport and often will not sign up the following year. That part is hard to see.


My 3rd-grade son was on it. Hillside is just that...another foot and one set of rear bus tires would have been off the road and hanging in mid-air....where it drops 6-8 feet into someone's front yard. Looking at it the next day and seeing what could have been was very upsetting. Hopefully we're done with snow and the policy department can add some critical input on the safety issue in that area.


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