Bring The Sweeter Side of Italy Home

Parsippany's JC's Bakery offers delicious Italian treats.

You don't have to live in Italy to eat like an Italian. You also don't have to sit in a restaurant and be served pasta by the pile while serenaded with Italian music. JC's Italian Bakery, in Parsippany, offers customers the opportunity to bring a little piece of Italy, a sweet piece in fact, into your own home so you can get the real experience right from your living room.

Each week, Patch picks a great restaurant either in town or nearby that is worth checking out. Here's this week's choice:

- Whether you're looking for a loaf of Italian bread to put on the dinner table or a homemade cannoli, JC's offers a wide variety of Italian baked goods. The bakery is located at 1561 Route 46, in the Parsippany Hills Village plaza,  and has been owned and operated for nearly 30 years by Santos Gencarelli. All foods and baked goods are prepared fresh on a daily basis. If it's a more traditional cookie you are looking for, JC's offers many sweet varieties, and during the holiday season, the

Sharon Maroldi May 05, 2011 at 10:11 PM
I love JC's! We'll see you soon for a large platter of assorted Italian pastries for my daughter's baptism luncheon. . .
B May 06, 2011 at 06:08 PM
I am not a big fan of JCs...I bought cupcakes and cookies there once and it tasted OLD! Never again..we prefer Calandra's with all of their variety. It's not the same old stuff...
Sharon Maroldi May 07, 2011 at 02:41 AM
I love Calandra's, too. My favorite restaurant is Cucina Calandra - I love everything about it - the food is fresh, the atmosphere is a little nicer, but not stuffy AND, the best part, kids 3 and under can get free pizza (and they let the kids watch them cook it and play with the dough!). And, their bakery . . . mmmm! But, JC's is closer and much more convenient. I've never had that experience about the food not being fresh. Actually, though, I usually go in and specifically order custom cakes.


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