Ice Cream Shops Peak With Temps

A heat wave can—but doesn't always—mean booming business.

While the heat wave may be treacherous this week for Parsippany residents, a few businesses are, in turn, flourishing as a result. Many opt to beat the heat at these cool-inducing establishments, but even they have limits. 

Heinz Schall, owner of Super Scoops Ice Cream, said that generally, “hot is good” for ice cream businesses—but only to an extent.

“It’s definitely better than bad weather, than rain or cold,” he explained. “But if it gets too hot than people don’t want to come out of their houses.”

“Absolutely it affects the business positively, but everyone just thinks, ‘imagine if it was 110?’” added Schall. “But no! Then people aren’t going out.”

Schall said that a moderate 85 to 90 degrees would be optimal for his business than the recent temperature highs.

But TCBY’s of Parsippany actually experienced an increase in customers.

“It’s been very busy, so it’s a good thing for us ice cream/yogurt shops,” owner Dana Mauriello said. “With the weather, people have been coming out, so we've got to be blessed for that.”

Lake Hiawatha's Rita’s Water Ice—the Italian water ice and frozen custard franchise—said the shop is prospering because of the heat.

Amanda Leaman, who's worked at Rita’s for five years, said on Friday alone, she had an overwhelming amount of customers.

“I was really busy,” she said. “I had campers from Morris Plains in my whole store, over 50 kids. And I was alone. So I know our personal store was really busy yesterday. The sales were about $800 from 12 to 5 p.m.”

Leaman explains that traffic usually is steady during those times, but the heat records broken this weekend kept the local store bustling.

Whether indulging in some cold treats at these frozen goodie establishments or lounging at one of Parsippany’s and facilities, Patch encourages residents to stay cool and hydrated for more hot days to come.


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