Jefferson Man Keeps Net Radio Dream Moving Forward

Kevin Pattky's Internet radio firm keeps growing.

for INCOradio.com. It was a labor of love, but not a very lucrative one.

Now, his company has become an affiliate of Radio Domination Streaming Network (RDSN), an “International Internet Radio Broadcast Network specializing in providing Internet, mobile, and on-demand music and entertainment to listeners in 101 different countries around the world while providing some of the most affordable opportunities in the industry to advertisers.”

Pattky is the vice president of Network Operations and Director of Network Programming and Imaging for RDSN, and currently spends his days—and nights as well—seeking out sponsorships.

“We’re looking for large companies to sponsor us,” Pattky said. “Basically the idea right now is to make money and use it efficiently so that we can get an app on the Itunes app store. That’s where we want to be, but it’s also the most expensive.”

Pattky started INCO Radio on his own, but hooked up with RDSN to gain exposure.

“I wanted to get more into radio than I could with just myself,” he said.

Teaming up with RDSN has given Pattky the opportunity to work with more programming, including syndicated selections. He also noted the more professional atmosphere.

“Now everything is professionally made. Our CEO owns a web and graphic design company and he makes all the graphics himself,” Pattky said. “Each station has its own individual web site, rather than just one big site that wasn’t as nice looking as what we have now.”

Besides advertisers, RDSN is currently looking for more programming, including music, talk and syndicated options.

Besides his work with RDSN, Pattky will start an internship at CBS on the “Zach Sang and the Gang” show. He graduated in May from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

“I made a lot of good connections while I was there,” he said. “I’m looking for more internships, and more contacts to bring to my radio work.”

Nancy July 12, 2012 at 10:48 AM
Keep up the good work Kevin, you obviously have what it takes to succeed.


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