Parsippany Online Jeweler Celebrates 1 Year in Business

To celebrate his 1-year anniversary, he's offering a discount this weekend only.

Ammolite Sterling Silver Pendant (Credit: etsy.com/shop/markolivergems)
Ammolite Sterling Silver Pendant (Credit: etsy.com/shop/markolivergems)

To mark the one-year milestone of a Parsippany resident’s business, he’s offering a discount this weekend.

Mark Mound’s put his collection and knowledge of gemstones to good use January 2013 and started an Etsy.com jewelry shop named after himself, and his kitten, Oliver: ‘Mark Oliver Gems.’

More than 50 sales and 100 pieces later, he’s celebrating his business’ anniversary by offering a 10 percent discount this Saturday and Sunday. With Valentine’s Day coming up, consider supporting a local resident and check out Mound’s jewelry selection at his Etsy.com website here.

“I had no idea how this year would go, or if Mark Oliver Gems would even be around at this time,” Mound said, “But it’s been going well and definitely keeping me busy. I really enjoy making the jewelry…making money is just a bonus.”

The shop showcases a variety of common and rare gemstone jewelry set in sterling silver, 14K gold or 14K white gold.

He crafts earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings, but he plans to expand the line in the future. He has already increased his gemstone choices throughout the year, to include unique stones such as ammolites and star sapphires, and more common gems like diamonds and pearls.

“I have been collecting all different types of gemstones for many years," Mound said. "Gemstones exhibit some of the truest beauty that this world has to offer, and it has always been a dream of mine to create jewelry out of the beautiful pieces in my collection.”

Some of his buyers have included brides-to-be, co-workers, family, friends and people seeking birthday and holiday presents. His most popular pieces have been ammolite pendants and ruby rings.

His pieces are also featured on his recently created Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/markolivergems/. Also, he can customize anything and take requests for any stone.


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