Staples' Advice for Par-Troy Small Businesses: Get Organized

Business supply survey shows small business owners admit they could use some help in keep their business matters in order.

According to the 7th annual Staples National Small Business Survey, organization plays a key role in small business owners’ goals for the new year to help keep their companies growing and productive.

  • 69 percent wish they could focus all of their attention on their actual business and leave the daily tasks to someone else.
  • 83 percent of small business owners are solely responsible for organizing their companies.
  • While 70 percent use technology to keep them organized, 62 percent admit they don’t necessarily use technology to decrease clutter.
  • Almost 20 percent don’t shred confidential material- the leading reason being it’s just easier to throw materials away.

“A well-organized office helps you find what you need and to work efficiently, which reduces stress,” said time management expert Julie Morgenstern. “More importantly, staying organized lets you to spend more of your valuable time on what’s most important to your business.”

, came up with a list of tips for small businesses that the company says can keep them on the right—and efficient—track.

  • Shed – purge unwanted files or papers and organize the documents in binders. The Internal Revenue Service recommends keeping important business records from three to seven years, depending on the documents.
  • Shred – protect your business and identity against fraud by shredding unneeded paperwork with sensitive information. 
  • Get Ahead – The new year is also a good time to make sure electronic files are secure and protected. It’s critical for any small business owner to have the right organizational tools such as network storage devices to back up files especially as tax season gets started.



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