Star-Ledger Announces Round of Layoffs Wednesday

State's largest paper cites economic woes.

The publisher of The Star-Ledger announced Wednesday the paper would be laying off 34 employees, a first for a publication famous in the industry for refraining from layoffs, NJ.com reported.

The layoffs include 18 staff in a newsroom of 195, the paper’s publisher, Richard Vezza, also said. The paper’s headquarters are located at Court and Washington streets in Newark. The Star-Ledger is New Jersey’s largest newspaper by circulation.

In an industry battered by competition and falling ad revenues during the last several years, the Ledger was unique in refraining from staff layoffs. Previously, the paper--which once had a job-security pledge in place for non-union staff--has relied on buyouts and attrition to reduce staff.

Advance Publications, which owns The Star-Ledger, has initiated even more drastic staff cuts at its other publications, including The Times Picayune in New Orleans and papers in Alabama. In June, hundreds of jobs were cut at those papers when they ceased daily print editions and shifted their focus online.

Vezza said, however, that the Ledger staff cuts would not be nearly as extensive. 

"This is not a foreshadowing of the demise of the paper. We have no plans for further layoffs,” Vezza told The Star-Ledger.

LC January 17, 2013 at 07:17 PM
How can you stand it anymore. I grew up reading it but cannot stomach it now. I stopped daily delivery a long time ago, but I do keep reordering the Thurs & Sun delivery at a deep discount just to get my coupons and store circulars. Otherwise - I flip through it in two minutes - I won't read the trash they spew. To the laid off SL folks - have fun in the unemployment line in Obama's Amerika!
Bob O January 17, 2013 at 11:27 PM
I agree that it has turned into a liberal rag. But they were always very good at attacking public employees and muffling their voice, and subsequently, the truth. Bit of a contrast in ideaology there. On a positive note, they did have the best Sports Section I have ever read and I've read many all over the country.
Nucky Thompson January 19, 2013 at 09:54 PM
I contend the Daily Record exceeds the Ledger in spelling and grammatical errors. You would think if your paper frequently consists of as few as 18 pages as it did today, they'd have sufficient time to properly edit prior to printing!
Don Mennie January 20, 2013 at 08:11 AM
You cannot have much investigative reporting in newspapers, on radio/TV, or via the Internet when most of such media are merely suibdivisions of huge, unrelated businesses in corporate America. The problem goes way beyond which publisher is "liberal" or "conservative" -- Things we really need to know about are simply not covered at all. Or if they are discussed the topic originates with some blogger who has no credentials or track record. The viral unsubstantiated rumor is NOT journalism. While there are a few good newspapers still in business, just WHAT will we have to replace them in the near future? Just a bunch of high-tech gadgets that deliver an endless stream of showbiz gossip and crime/disaster headlines! Very sad!
A. Newarker January 21, 2013 at 06:32 AM
Use to be the paper was printed in Newark so the last 50,000 issues always contained the latest news as of at least 5 PM.. Now it is printed in plants along the interstates and when it reaches Newark at 6 AM the news in it is as of 2 AM! No breaking stories. Also the paper used it have targeted local advertisements and stories. In Essex county it had two editions - East and West - about your town in it. Gone!


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