Cell Phone Store Readies for Competition

Wireless Express offers more than phones.

The smartphone revolution continues to take shape all over the world—and a new retailer is bringing it to Parsippany-Troy Hills. opened its doors in April and made its arrival official with a ribbon-cutting on June 15.

A major part of bringing the cell phone revolution to Par-Troy, according to store spokesperson James West, is bringing down cellular's cost. He said the franchise does this by carrying only Sprint products, which are among the least expensive in the wireless industry.  

West said the tough economy can pay off for the store, because if customers are comparison shopping to find the least costly choices, they have to check out Wireless Express.

“In economic challenges, you’re looking for less expensive, but still quality, options,” he said. “Sprint is the least expensive network; [it's] the only one with unlimited data and costs less than everybody else.”

A big part of Wireless Express' growing customer base is made of local businesses, according to West. He said they are attracted to the shop's wide range of services.

“There’s a broader community of people close to us and businesses starting up,” West said. “A lot of businesses are already established and growing, especially in this area, because it’s so populous. We can provide them with cell phones that they need and the services they need to get their company out there and to keep their employees on track. That works really well, especially in this area.”

Part of the store's strategy, as demonstrated by its public ribbon-cutting, is to boost the retailer's visibility.

Wireless Express District Manager Mike Kern, who also manages the company’s Morris Plains location, said he challenges his sales associates to integrate themselves into the local community.

“They’re members of the [ ], so they’re going to have those one-on-one conversations, maybe inviting that business owner to the store and having a more intimate, one-on-one with free coffee and donuts just to get to know who we are, as well as who they are, and create a synergistic relationship.”

Wireless Express also offers a program for customers who have upgraded or purchased new phones. The educational offering “Ready Now” familiarizes them with their new devices.

“It’s a checklist of a series of things, so when you walk out the door, you know how to turn the phone on and off, you know how to check your e-mail, you know how to surf the web, how to buy apps and how to download apps,” Kern said. “You’re walking out of here with a much greater sense of how to use the device.”

Alongside “Ready Now” is a monthly survey that allows customers to use their new devices to rate local restaurants, shops and other retail businesses.

“At the end of that month, we are going to tally it up and invite everybody who participated in the survey for free lunch or dinner,” said Kern, noting that June’s poll will determine the best pizzeria in town. “We’ll buy a couple pies and make a party out of it. We appreciate the business, so whether you voted for them or not, come on out.”

Kern said the survey will create healthy competition between local businesses. Competition, he told Patch, is good for the success of any enterprise—including Wireless Express.

“I like the fact that there’s an AT&T right across the street," he said. "I like the fact that there’s a Verizon right down the street. Every McDonald’s does really well right next to a Burger King or Wendy's. It just forces us to be a little bit better because there’s competition.

"I think it’s a healthy thing to have.”


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