Parsippany Residents Spend About 25 Minutes Commuting, Data Shows

Census data shows average travel time to work by ZIP code.

Parsippany residents who commute to work spend an average of 25 minutes getting there, according to 5-year estimates from the 2011 U.S. Census American Community Survey.

The study reports the average for workers across the U.S. is a 25.4 minute commute.

Parsippany residents' average 25.5-minute workday travel time compares to 28.4 minutes in Morristown, 30 minutes in Madison, 28 minutes in Florham Park and 30.2 minutes in Morris Plains, according to New York City public radio station WNYC, which mapped the data.

For the township, the margin of error is plus or minus 1.2 minutes.

Those looking to explore different ways of making the daily journey can take advantage of TransOptions, a nonprofit resource that looks at various options of travel, including carpools, park and ride offerings and bus and rail service in northern New Jersey.

According to TransOptions's website, the notion that most eastbound commuters aren't traveling to New York—they're staying in the county.

"According to U.S. Census data, over 138,000 commuters in Morris County work within the county's borders," the nonprofit transportation management association says. "Over 25,000 work in Essex County, over 12,000 in Bergen County, and roughly 11,500 in Manhattan (4.8 percent of commuters)."


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