Parsippany Valentine's Day Spotlight Couple: Jesse & Bryan Crawford

In honor of the holiday of love, we're chatting about lasting love with Parsippany's most interesting couples.

Parsippany has its fair share of prominent lovebirds, but this couple stands out among the rest, especially as we anticipate Valentine’s Day.

In this installment of Parsippany Couple Spotlight, we'll find out what makes Jesse and District 1 Fire Captain Bryan Crawford so sweet.

The Lovebirds:

Bryan Crawford, retail manager for firefighting equipment company; Mt. Tabor Volunteer Fire Department fire captain

Jesse Crawford, corporate visual merchandiser for women's fashion retailer

So, how did you lovebirds meet?

We met while marching in a drum corps.  Jesse lived in Pennsylvania and Bryan in Parsippany and we would travel to northern N..J each weekend to be involved in this activity. 

How long have you been together?

Seven years.

What’s the secret to a successful and happy relationship?

Compromise and understanding that we each have our own plans, dreams and goals and being supportive of one another regardless of what they be. 

What famous couple do you emulate?

Probably no one until recently. "The New Normal" (a sitcom on NBC) is very close to our everyday lives (in personality not in careers).  

Why did you settle in Parsippany, and how long have you lived here?

Bryan has lived here his whole life, grew up in Lake Parsippany and loved the area.  Jesse came here knowing Bryan's connection with the fire department, his family and friends being here and it has proven great for his career commute to New York City.  We have lived here together for five years.

What’s your favorite romantic night out in Parsippany and why?

We enjoy a peaceful meal at Tabor Road Tavern.  They know you by name, the food is incredible and it always provides a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.  We probably go once every 2-3 months and for all special occasions. 

Selene February 11, 2013 at 05:19 AM
Bravo Natalie, nice couple, nice story. Love to see our brave, selfless community volunteers featured.
sickofthetrolls February 11, 2013 at 11:42 AM
I dont care what anyone says, I think this is a lovely story.
Suburbanites February 11, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Alright, in addition to good schools and parks it's nice to see Parsippany is tolerant and diverse. Many happy years wished on this couple.


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