Parsippany Valentine's Day Spotlight Couple: Joseph Destito & Lorraine Baran

In honor of the holiday of love, we're chatting about lasting love with Parsippany's most interesting couples.

Parsippany has its fair share of prominent lovebirds, but this couple stands out among the rest, especially as we anticipate Valentine’s Day.

In this installment of Parsippany Couple Spotlight, we'll find out what makes Joseph Destito and Lorraine Baran so sweet.

The Lovebirds:

Joseph Destito, surgical technician, Summit Medical Group

Lorraine Baran, director of operations, Sunbright Services

Joe speaks for the twosome.

So, how did you lovebirds meet?

We met by a random POKE on Facebook. We both had a mutual friend on Facebook. Lorraine saw my picture, saw I was single and took a chance. I poked her back, hoping it was not by mistake. [Figured that] if she did respond, I would then friend her. And she did. We chatted online for a few hours and exchanged numbers; this was around my birthday. I called her and invited her to our friend Neville Gibson's restaurant in Lincoln Park [where] I was meeting friends. So she met me there on my birthday with her two friends just in case it was a bust.

Clearly, it was anything but a bust!

We have been together ever since. It was two years this past Dec. 10.

What’s the secret to a successful and happy relationship?

The secret to a happy and successful relationship is there is no secret! An open line of communication, honesty and trust. No relationship is a 50-50 situation. Both need to put in 100 percent. Never go to bed mad at each other. Say I love you every time you walk out the door, 'cause if anything happens, you want that to be the last thing you say to her and the last words you want her to hear from you. Also, we are both very supportive of each other and respect each other's interests.

What famous couple do you emulate?

As far as a famous couple to emulate, there is none. I feel we are happier than most famous people anyway. We are our own famous couple... maybe some famous couples should emulate us. If it were up to Lorraine, it would be her parents. Even though they were not famous, that is who she would want to emulate.  

Why did you settle in Parsippany, and how long have you lived here?

Lorraine is originally from Parsippany; she grew up here. She is a graduate of Parsippany Hills High School, and she works in Parsippany. I have only been in Parsippany for 1 1/2 years. So far Lorraine has been right. It is a nice place to live. 

What’s your favorite romantic night out in Parsippany and why?

We really do not have a particular place. We spend a lot of time together and with friends. But I would say that a favorite place is by Lake Parsippany. We love strolling hand in hand around Lake Parsippany. On a clear, moon-filled sky, with the light reflecting off the water, we sometimes sit on the beach on a blanket, with a bottle of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio and just talk and admire where we are and who we are with. Or sometimes just grab some ice cream at Super Scoops and sit on the benches.

Pauline Sousonis February 13, 2013 at 01:34 AM
Have a Happy Valentine's Day! True love! Great couple who inspire us all! Lov ya both! Xxoo
Lori Andican February 13, 2013 at 06:23 PM
Happy Valentine's Day!!! Well deserved!!


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