Morris Dems Choose New Chairman After Failed 'Last-Minute Voter' Lawsuit

Lincoln Park's Chip Robinson beats out Morristown's Mary Dougherty.

Morris County Democrats have a new chairman, but not before some political infighting took center stage Tuesday.

According to morristowngreen.com, Chip Robinson of Lincoln Park was chosen by his party members after his opponent, Mary Dougherty filed suit on voting procedures.

Dougherty, the wife of Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty and Democratic Committee chairperson for Morristown, said it was illegal for last-minute appointees to Democratic municipal committees to be able to vote for a county chairperson, the report said.

Superior Court Judge Stephan Hansbury found no reason to side with Dougherty, the report said.

Robinson replaces Lew Candura who served in the position for 10 years. 


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