Parsippany Native Hopes to Inspire Brother Through Documentary

MMA Fighter Eric Fleming is also hoping to raise $20K for Drug Free America.

Eric Fleming (Credit: http://instagram.com/fightfordaylight)
Eric Fleming (Credit: http://instagram.com/fightfordaylight)

A Parsippany native is looking to “inspire his little brother and others to turn their lives around” through an MMA fighter documentary, called Fight for Daylight.

Eric Fleming and his brother Randy did not grow up in “the most ideal circumstances. It’s about playing the hand they’re dealt,” said Fleming in his teaser trailer, which debuted Nov. 15 and can be seen above. “Whether it’s a drug addition or an illness or depression or any number of reasons or circumstances leading up to that, everyone’s been through it and I myself am no exception. I’ve been there, I’ve been through rough times, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Directed by Fleming, produced by Dennis Colon and dedicated to Randy Fleming, Fight for Daylight is a documentary that follows MMA Fighter Fleming as he trains “all over the tri-state area, as he demonstrates how mixed martial arts helped him and others overcome difficult times,” according to the Fight for Light website. 

“This is for my brother Randy, this is for the underdogs, this is for the ones who got lost along the way,” said Fleming. “I’m not here to glorify myself. I’m here to show the reality of the sport.” 

Also, as part of the documentary, they’re raising $20,000 for Drug Free America and you can donate here. They're currently at $1,725 as of Monday night. The documentary is being released in three parts. Part 1 is out and the other parts will come out this month. The full documentary will be compiled after with extra footage and interviews.

“Growing up, … some of my closest friends were wrestlers,” said Fleming. “It was frustrating because I had no idea what I was doing, whereas, they were training and they were wrestling for the high school team. I asked them if I could sign up, but at that point in time, it was late in the season and it was almost over.”

However, Fleming had another friend who did Brazilian jiu jitsu and introduced Fleming to that sport.

“I’m very thankful he did,” said Fleming. “Why sit and do nothing when I can get a head start and get my feet wet so I started doing jiu jitsu and little did I know, I loved it so much that I never went back to wrestling.

He said that his passion progressed and he added boxing and other martial arts and “I just fell in love with the sport and here I am today.”


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