Are You in the Green, Parsippany?

How to go green to save green.

There’s a growing movement toward green living these days and there are a lot of great reasons to jump into this movement.  Some worry that being green will be more costly, but in reality, going green can save you some green!

We’ve discussed green living here before and below you will find some reasonably inexpensive and easy ways to transfer your home into a sustainable living mecca that will lower your bills.

  • The easiest place to start is a double saver—saving money and power.  Simply switch your current light bulbs out for fluorescent bulbs. These light bulbs last up to ten times as long as standard bulbs while only using one quarter of the energy. This simple switch can help you save up to 30 percent of your electricity bill each year.
  • Want to take the double saver a step further?  Besides switching off lights when you leave the room and turning off appliances, unplug electronics when they’re not in use.  Leaving your microwave, TV, computers percent of a household’s annual energy consumption.  What’s easier than pulling a plug?
  • Another great way to save is by switching out bathroom fixtures.  Purchase a low-flow or adjustable water head to save on water consumption (these can be as low as $20!).  If you’re feeling a bit more motivated, replace your toilet with a dual-flush model.
  • Work outside to cool off inside.  Plant trees around the house strategically (on the south and west sides; shading the air-conditioning unit, if possible) to save up to about $250 a year on cooling and heating.
  • Get a rain barrel. Buy one or simply use something old (an old bucket or something similar) to catch water from your gutters.  Doing this will reduce the amount of storm water that runs off your property and into overburdened sewers, causing erosion and spreading pesticides, oil and other toxins. Use the water for plants and save on your water bills!
  • Wrap an insulation blanket around your water heater and lower its running cost by up to 9 percent. 

Going green is easy, can be fun and some of these quick changes can raise the value of your home.  Better than just helping yourself, you’re helping out Mother Nature too!


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