Everyday Inspirations: Nick Limanov Always Prepared to Help

Patch readers told us who the "Everyday Inspirations" in their communities are, and we're sharing their stories and the work they've done locally.

Photo provided by Mikhail Khenkin
Photo provided by Mikhail Khenkin
Everyday Inspirations is a series that features people in Patch communities who inspire others through their work, or people who have faced extraordinary situations and grown from them. They have been featured by other people in the community that have been inspired by the nominees.

Name: Nicolas Limanov  
Town: Parsippany, NJ
Nominated by: Mikhail Khenkin

Why is this person an "Everyday Inspiration?" 

Nick helps people everyday and tries to make his hometown Parsippany the best it can be. Nick is involved in so much in his town that its so difficult not to miss something. He enjoys helping people and always volunteers for anything thats asked and tries his best to complete the assignment/challenges.

This rough winter Nick drove around the neighborhood shoveling elderly/disabled peoples driveways and hydrants. Any time Nick sees a vehicle which needs help, he always stops and asks if the person would like help. He follows the motto "stay informed be prepared" and his vehicle is loaded with many supplies/tools to assist in different situations. He volunteers with Parsippany OEM where he was taught this modo/safety training. Nick is always smiling and was recognized at several large events, including winning outstanding high school student by rotary. 

Has the nominee's life been changed in an extraordinary way? 

Nick was the type to always be in some trouble through elementary and middle school years. His grades weren't as good as I thought he could do, not much of a social, etc. But in high school this all changed—teachers began to inspire Nick to do better and get involved and thats what he did.

There is one teacher that really made a difference in his life which won outstanding educator award last month. This teacher taught him the importance of leadership and brought him into her 'service' clubs student council and interact. Nick also loved assisting at school events by setting up various sound/lighting equipment and assisting the custodial staff. 

How does this person work to make others' lives better?

He is an active member of Parsippany OEM. During Sandy he was active in operating shelters and emergency communications with his RACES team. He spent over 70 hours volunteering during this disaster.

Nick is a member of the Municipal Alliance Committee. He finds that preventing drug/alcohol abuse in his township is very important to him. Nick also participates in cleanups in the township and was accepted into the Clean Communities program, dpw dept, last summer and plans to return again this summer.

Nick volunteered two years in a row for First Night Morris, new years eve, its a safe place in morristown for people/families to ring in the New Year. According to a friend, Nick won the Wallenberg Award for kindness/compassion. He was chosen by his teachers at the high school.

Nick is currently attending CCM and plans to major in sports management. He loves sports and always comes out to his high school games and donates money all the time.

Nick is really an asset to his community and I wouldn't be surprised if one day I see him as mayor. 
Stacy Bush April 11, 2014 at 09:27 AM
We are so proud to have had Nick as a student at Parsippany High School. I want to add that he also won the Morris County Counselors Assoc. Caring Student of the Year award last June. He is a wonderful young man and we miss him at PHS!


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