Northvail Students Put on 'Great Show' for Winter Concert

There are several more winter concerts for other schools this upcoming week.

With several winter concerts behind us and more to come this week, Parsippany schools are proud of all their musical students.

This past Wednesday, Northvail School’s Bands, Chorus, Glee Club and Tone Chimers presented their annual Winter concert.

“The performing ensembles featured music they have been working diligently on these past months. The students were well prepared and their talent evident,” said Teacher Lorraine Esposito.

The event included a morning segment for K-3 students and staff and an afternoon show for the parents.  

“Just like during past Winter Concerts all performers concentrated on putting on a great show and they succeeded,” said Esposito. “The young singers were under the direction of music teacher Jim Caulfield.”

Both the Beginner and Advanced bands played a medley of songs by using a variety of instruments. The Northvail School bands performed under the direction of Richard DeCicco.

DeCicco and Caulfield thanked the students, staff and Principal, Jeff Martens.  A special thanks to the parents was noted, “for encouraging your children to make music an important part of their education.”


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