Disparate Treatment from JCP&L for Lower Hiawatha's Seminole Ave.?

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My neighbors and I are experiencing a repeat of what happened to us last year after the October snowstorm knocked out our power.  That is, we watched the surrounding area in lower Hiawatha get power back street by street until the effort abruptly stopped with the residents of Seminole Avenue.  Not until three or four days after the entire area was powered on did we get ours back as well. 


The only thing I can think of is that we have the unfortunate circumstance of being on the same part of the grid as Volunteers Park, and why would any reasonable person think that providing electricity to a park is a priority?  

We're not asking for any special considerations.  What we do want is to be treated just like our neighbors around us and for someone to understand that the last street in lower Hiawatha, our street,  is still dark.  Before JCP&L leaves the area and moves on, they should please finish the job 100 percent.  We haven't fully recovered from Irene, and elderly people, single moms with kids and those that don't have the luxury of a generator, deserve the same service and attention as everyone else around us.

Dennis Grieco
Lake Hiawatha

CONCETTA BARNISH November 03, 2012 at 09:58 PM
The young lady is 100% correct I live at the end by minniehaha and myself and 3 other neighbors have complete power and it is not fair that the rest of my neighbors have none, from the middle of the block all the way down to the park ( the whole stretch) of Seminole Avenue is out and something MUST be done to correct the problem and soon. I wish all well and please stay warm if possible and safe. God be with you all


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