NJDOT Out of Touch with Littleton Road Concerns, Says Activist

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We, the Littleton Road/Route 202 north area residents, think that New Jersey Department of Transportation spokesperson Timothy Greeley should come to the Littleton/Kingston Road construction staging site and judge for himself how hazardous the slow-to-accelerate trucks are making it for area residents and anyone traveling along the corridor.

Trucks of any size leaving the construction staging area must pull out in front of two lanes of traffic traveling at 40 miles an hour to make a left turn on to Route 202 north. Most cars have to apply their brakes just to avoid not hitting the trucks.  

The north side of the Littleton Road construction staging area does not front Interstate 80 eastbound directly. If Mr. Greeley had accurate knowledge of the area, he would have realized that the road the residents had in mind is part of the Cherry Hill Road ramp system. The driveway for the construction site, we requested, would front the Cherry Hill Road ramp system and is part of the access road to Route 80 east and not part of the active freeway.  

If Mr. Greeley came to our residential area healso would have learned that the 75 residents who attended the meeting are just a small part of all the people affected by the poor judgment used in selecting the staging area. 

Mr. Greeley should come and meet four of us at the the corner of Littleton Road and Kingston Road. He might realize that the NJDOT policy stated by the representatives who attended the Monday meeting, "that it is the NJDOT's policy not to kick the can up the highway and make it someone else problem," is hard for us to believe. 

The NJDOT engineers who designed this so-called improved ramp design did exactly that: They kicked the can to Littleton Road/Route 202 north.

Thank you for making our lives difficult.

Mary Purzycki
Littleton Road Area Resident


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