Patch Takes It Off: Week Seven Update

In which our hero focuses on an upcoming 5K walk/run event and makes like Eliza Doolittle

One of my goals for this Patch Takes It Off Challenge is to take part in the New York City Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure on Sept. 18. 
I'm serious about that, and it has little to do with weight loss.

Really, the idea came about because two dear friends of mine have been battling breast cancer over the past few months. PTIO or no, I would do this anyway, but with the challenge pushing me, perhaps I can do the Komen event with greater strength and endurance.

To that end, I promised to focus on the running aspect of my training. With my schedule, time is not readily available for this and a bout of stomach flu threw me way off of my intended regimen, but I have been able to turn my wee-hours-of-the-morning walks into jogging sessions and have made noticeable progress. 

Will I be competitive on Sept. 18? Don't make me laugh. But I am sure I'll be able to complete the event, and really, that's good enough, both for the Komen cause and for me.

So far, I have lost, as of this morning's weigh-in, 23 pounds. Meaning, the chances of my getting to 50 pounds of weight loss by the beginning of September are not good. But, you know, that's okay. I still have a couple of weeks left for this challenge and a month before the 5K run. And this push to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle does not stop on Sept. 1. In fact, I suspect that, for me, PTIO will continue past the beginning of next month.

The thing that showed me this was worth continuing was a wedding. 

Last weekend, my husband's best friend married the love of his life, a beautiful, kind and hardworking woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after the pair became engaged. Despite everything, they tied the knot Friday in a night filled with love, warmth, family, friends and joy. Oh, and lots of dancing.

Now, my life doesn't allow me to do much socializing, so on this night, I took full advantage. After the gorgeous, tear-filled ceremony, the reception began and the DJ started spinning the hits. And we danced—and danced and danced and danced some more. From the classic standards of Ol' Blue Eyes to eclectic tunes by the Grateful Dead and Bob Marley and Van Morrison to the slides Cha Cha and Electric to modern party rockers by LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, the music ruled. And everybody just had a good time.

Normally, I might dance to one song and then sit and watch everyone else. My loyal (and fit and six-packed) spouse generally doesn't dance at all. But on this night, Jeffry and I shook our groove things all evening long. We had a blast, and I, like Eliza Doolittle, could have danced all night.

Best part: the love of my life stunned me with a comment.

"That weight loss thing is really working for you," the normally non-complimentary spouse said. "You're kicking my butt out there. I've never seen you have so much energy."

I agreed, adding, "But do I look better?"

Hubby said nothing, he only smiled at me and winked, which told me all I needed to know.

You couldn't pay me to stop on Sept. 1.

As always, we love company. Are you working to lose weight and get fit and healthy? Join me in continuing or start the challenge now. We can help each other get through the hectic fall and the holidays. Tell us how you are doing and what works and doesn't work for you.
And check in with my PTIO screed next week: I'll pay a visit to the new goPerformance gym in town to check out its new CrossFit program and go in depth with my regular gym, Anytime Fitness. Coming up soon, we'll get nutritional advice from our very fit Township Council member Brian Stanton (his secret: grilled chicken).  I am going to try yoga and get set for Zumba in the fall. And I'll be hitting the books to find and share advice on diet and fitness.

This stuff works, given a chance. Spread the word, and let's build a fitter, healthier Parsippany.


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