Resident Urges Citizen Action Against Occupancy Law Proposal

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On Tuesday, July 17, the .

Four councilmen voted “yes” and one voted “no.” The “no” vote came from Councilman Paul Carifi Jr. Carifi stood by his campaign platform to strongly enforce occupancy ordinances to stop stacking abuses when the others did not!

Please, fellow residents and taxpayers (commercial property owners), read introduced Ordinance 2012:31 and watch the July 17 council meeting tape of on the town website.

This amended ordinance, if passed, would open up Parsippany to a lot of lawsuits.
Just think, would you want the Town Council and the mayor to dictate to you how to run your business?

What should come first is Parsippany’s welfare, safety, and quality of life. Please attend the Aug. 14, 2012 council agenda meeting at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall to express your opinion to your elected officials. The final reading and council vote on the proposal is scheduled for Aug. 21.

How many more children in our school system? How many more automobiles on our streets? How much more garbage at our curbs?

It’s your town, get involved.

Roy Messmer
Parsippany Resident


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