School Fields Need Help, Advocate Insists

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Michael Pietrowicz of Little Vikings Football, who chaired the mayor's Fields of Dreams committee, sent an open letter addressed to school district leadership to Patch for publication.

Dear Board of Education President Susy Golderer, board members and Dr. LeRoy Seitz, superintendent of schools:

Thank you for conducting a special BOE meeting on Feb. 21 for the public to fully examine the current conditions at the two high schools' athletic complexes and to offer input as the board explores financing options and other potential opportunities to address the hazardous and unsafe conditions.

The unacceptable and dangerous conditions have existed for many years and as time passes these issues will only further exacerbate. Over the past two years, the public has become more acutely aware of the situation. The challenge for the BOE is to find ways to rectify the problems in a fiscally challenging time. Involving all parties in the dialog—including the public, the school board, town officials, responsible agencies and potential corporate partners—will hopefully bring about the necessary talent and resources to secure a permanent and necessary solution.

I unfortunately have some work conflicts and may not be able to attend the special session. I am submitting this letter [and the attached media] to assist the BOE and the public in this endeavor. There have been extensive discussions, articles, Web posts, etc., over the past two years. There are some new people on the school board and the Town Council.

To best begin this process, I think it is important to document the current state of affairs, the efforts attempted to date and then suggestions on how to best address the deficiencies, code violations and safety hazards.

Again, thank you for your efforts to find ways to move forward with this important project.

Michael Pietrowicz

Beth Bluj February 21, 2013 at 01:39 PM
Mike - thank you for documenting everything that has been done over the past few years. The pictures do not lie. These fields, tracks, stands, bleachers and walkways are unsafe to not only our students and student athletes but to the entire community. I hope we can all work together with the BOE to get something done. As pointed out in your letter, members of the community have tried different approaches with unsuccessful outcomes; we are now urging this board to present their solutions this evening on how these issues are going to be addressed quickly. We are not looking for miracles - but we are looking for safe, non-hazardous facilities on which our students and students athletes can play and our community can use.
K Gris February 21, 2013 at 11:01 PM
This solution has got to be free of encumberances such as open to the public field polcies, that were orginally part of the plan. The BOE needs to maintain their properties, and if there is to be assistance by private entities, it has to be free of "pay to play" type arrangements. Why should neighbors of the schools have to deal with outsiders being allowed to use the facilities for an inordinate # of days a year with all the traffic, and street parking. Until the parking situation is fixed it is irresponsible to allow out of towners to use the facilities with not enough parking spaces. My child is an athlete at PHHS, but I feel that any solution must be a responsbile one toward the immediate community, as well.
Scott Dean February 22, 2013 at 02:32 AM
Hats off to the present BOE and all the members for providing the Parsippany residents with the open forum which I attended tonight.I believe there were many great ideas for a future with better conditions for all the kids.


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