Tito's Burritos Has Your Vegan Craving Wrapped Up

The quick-service Morristown shop serves up quick, hearty meals.

It's not hard to find a vegan option at most quick-service Mexican joints. A healthy vegan burrito? That's another story. I often avoid places out of the fear that I'll end up eating overcooked, mushy vegetables with white rice and canned black beans. 

But when I drove by Tito's Burritos on a recent rainy afternoon, I got a craving. There happened to be a parking spot open right up the street—a rarity in Morristown—so I figured I'd give it a shot.

The surf-themed burrito shop more than lived up to expectations. I went with the Veggie Burrito on whole wheat, asking that the cheese be left off. As the prep chef started making the burrito, I asked about brown rice. I never expected the girl behind the counter to say it was an option—and the menu doesn't really mention it—but it turns out it's available.

They'd already finished my burrito, but had no problem making a new one with brown rice. There is no extra charge for changing the rice and the wrap, which is much appreciated. I'm so accustomed to paying an extra dollar or more for each. 

My meal was out in less than five minutes, but had to be sent back: as I bit in, sour cream oozed out the sides. I didn't think the menu had mentioned sour cream, so I went up to check. I was right: it only mentions guacamole. I debated just sucking it up and eating the burrito, as I'd already fussed over the brown rice. But I just couldn't do it. 

The girl behind the counter was very apologetic when I mentioned the unexpected sour cream. She had a new burrito ready in a flash, apologizing at least four times as she brought it over to my table. I'm lucky I didn't get it to go—noticing the mistake once I'd left would've been such a let down. 

The burrito was really filling, enough so that I unwrapped it and just ate the insides with a fork after a couple of bites. Next time, I'll likely just order it "naked"—without the wrap. 

The small side of chips ($1.50) was just enough, perfect for scooping up the lightly-sauteed and marinated zucchini, portabello mushrooms, carrots, yellow squash, peppers, onions, pico de gallo and guacamole. The menu says there are chickpeas in it, though I didn't seem to find any.

Other vegan options included veggie tacos, the Taco Salad ($6.95) and the Tito's Famous Chopped Salad ($6.95). There is no vegan cheese, tofu sour cream, tofu, tempeh or seitan on the menu, but the veggies, brown rice and pinto and black beans do the trick.

The trendy shop offers free wi-fi and great music. The laid-back, surfer vibe is relaxing, a nice change from Chipotle and similar chains. It's located a block from the Morristown Green, a great lunch spot if you work or live in the area. 

Good to note: the shop is peanut-oil free. If you have an allergy, you're safe here.


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