When You Can't Make It to the Gym

Will an injury that keeps you from working out stop weight loss progress, and will muscle gained turn to fat?

The Patch Takes It Off campaign is still underway. So far, your fearless editor has good news: Having started Jan. 3, as of Jan. 25, I've dropped 17 pounds. All of my clothes are getting looser. And I can dance Gangnam Style without getting winded. Oppan!

But your humble correspondent is feeling a little less fearless right about now. Last week, a fall left me with a fractured hand and at least eight weeks of recovery (and no guitar playing, alas).

Which means, at least for a while, I have to put off strenuous workouts.

My workaround has been to walk and to consume even fewer calories. So far, the personal weight loss challenge appears to be working.

But there still was a worry: Will the muscle gained so far turn into ugly fat? That would not be cool in terms of achieving the goal: being bikini ready by March.

: No, he said. Muscle, being a different type of tissue, does not turn into fat. And skipping the gym does not have to mean weight gain.

I hope to be able to get going at the gym in a couple of weeks if at all possible, but if not, with vigilance, my exercise in weight loss can go forward all the same.

By the way, it is never too late to join our march toward fitness as a Patch Takes It Off Warrior. Email me and let's help each other get fit and healthy! Next week, we hope to feature the efforts of a Parsippany Board of Education member and PTIO Warrior who is making some seriously great progress and will share his experience.


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