2 Pounds of Pot, $1,216 Found in Parsippany Man's Home, Cops Say

Weeks-long investigation uncovers cache of drugs, paraphernalia, police report.

Pounds of marijuana found in a Parsippany man's home. Photo Courtesy Parsippany Police.
Pounds of marijuana found in a Parsippany man's home. Photo Courtesy Parsippany Police.

A Parsippany man has been arrested and charged on multiple counts of drug possession as well as manufacturing, distributing or dispensing drugs, Parsippany Police said Wednesday.

After a weeks-long investigation, Det. Anthony Morelli used a warrant to search the home of Vincent Batyr, 25, Parsippany Police Chief Paul Philipps said.

When inside Batyr’s home on March 7, police found:

  • 4 digital scales
  • 2 pounds of marijuana
  • 16 grams of MDMA (street name Ecstacy)
  • 1 glass water bong
  • 1 bottle of Nitroglycerine
  • 6 codeine/Tylenol pills
  • 2 grinders
  • Folds, bags and bottles commonly used in the packaging of drugs for sale
  • 2 cell phones, 1 flash drive and an iPad
  • $1,216 in cash

Batyr was arrested and taken to Parsippany Police Headquarters where he was processed. He was then lodged in the Morris County Correctional Facility in lieu of $10,000 bail. He was charged with two counts of manufacturing, distributing or dispensing controlled dangerous substance, two counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Publius March 13, 2014 at 11:49 AM
First ill start with @john yes believe it or not 2 pounds is a petty little nobody now a days. All that is, is a low level guy, and in states like Colorado and California where residents can grow up to 12 plants on their property for personal use, and by the way one plant can yield up to 2 pounds by its self, puts into prospective that 2 pounds is not beyond the realm of personal use. Don't get me wrong the additional controlled substances that were found should be held against him, but the marijuana has been scientifically proven to have medical benefits, AND brought $3.2 million dollars of tax revenue to the state of Colorado in ONE MONTH. It is no different then the tobacco I bet 60% of the people on here smoke every single day, an weed has NEVER EVER been directly associated with the cause of death of any one. How many lives do cigarettes take a year? Keep puffing your cancer sticks. If you want job creation if you want lower taxes in a state here we are ranked in the top 5 for highest taxes residents, look into the market of medical marijuana. I'm not saying hand it to everyone, what I'm saying is if it can help sick and dying ppl to relieve the pain that they go through 24 hours a day, I'd rather that then for some or to get prescribed OxyContin which is the same doctor prescribed drug that has claimed the life of 4 of my high school peers in the last year alone, but everyone wants to flip out about 2 pounds of marijuana
DXNJ March 13, 2014 at 12:29 PM
No one flipped out - douche got arrested, YOU flipped out and stated the police should worry about political corruption or whatever it was. Little fish often end up snitching on the bigger fish - so yeah the bust is a good one.
Publius March 13, 2014 at 12:53 PM
Now @DXNJ, you're right petty little nobodies can turn into bigger things. Like for instance Steve Deangelo I bet you don't know him, he is the founder of harborlife medical center in Oakland a non for profit medical marijuana dispensery with over a million patients the largest in the world. He is also president of Arcview group an investment firm that helps investors get in touch with entrepanurs of the medical cannibis industry so they can strengthen the legitimacy of the industry. He was a petty little nobody who dropped out of high school to join the "yippies" guess what I bet he was buying and selling weed.. then he went on to graduate summa cum laude from the university of Maryland with a BA. Now he is the biggest pioneer and activist of the medical cannabis industry and has even counsulted state legislators all over the USA with their medical marijuana laws. Yea you're right I wouldn't want a guy like him in my neighborhood bringing in jobs and tax revenue to help bring in more money to the state so they can stop taking mine. You are so quick to pass judgment on this guy that got arrested and you don't even know him, he could be the next CEO of a cannibis conglomerate that you or your child work for one day when what ever job your at now lays off 5000 employees, and you need employment. AND before you go around calling people idiots over the Internet just know I have a degree in criminal justice with a minor in criminal law, want another little fun fact about me... Before you come on here and say I'm probably a junkie who does a ton of drugs and I'm just sticking up for this guy and have no idea what I'm talking about, my uncle is a federal investigator for the DEA so my knowledge on this topic is based on facts not assumptions. And if police can handle more then one crook at a time why does Parsippany have a mayor holding office that has had associates caught on tape bribing a potential mayoral candidate with $50,000 to not run against him. Why haven't the mayor
DXNJ March 14, 2014 at 06:39 AM
You have a political agenda and are focused on a cause. Maybe you are his lawyer and have an alternative motive. What you dont care about is the safety of the community and getting scum off the streets so save me the sob story. This dude who was arrested doesn't fit the mold of future outstanding citizen with a good cause - the e pills killed that for you. I guess you missed the part of the article where the guy had e pills and codeine. I am sure this upstanding citizen is thinking about Harvard and giving back to the community with 5000 jobs. I sure as hell wouldn't let my kid near him, nor you for that matter. Lets hope he isn't contributing to the demise of younger kids who are misguided and dont know any better. No sense in debating with you. And yes, you come across as an idiot no matter what degree's you have. Plenty of people have degree's and are morons.


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