Cop's Firing Upheld in Appellate Court

Officer terminated in 2002 for allegedly causing 'unnecessary risk' during high-speed pursuit.

A former Parsippany Police officer removed from his job for issues surrounding alleged "incompetency" and "conduct unbecoming an officer" during an incident in 2001 will not get his job back.

On Thursday, an appellate division of the Superior Court of New Jersey upheld an adminstrative law judge's 2008 decision to stand by the township's decision to fire Michael Jasiecki following his actions in connection with a motor vehicle pursuit on Oct. 5, 2001.

Jasiecki, who joined the PPD in 1991, reportedly involved himself in a multi-jurisdictional pursuit of a suspect even though he was not asked to do so by his supervisor or by the initiating jurisdiction. The former officer allegedly "engaged in pursuit tactics that violated department policy" and "caused unnecessary risk to the general public, other law enforcement officers involved in the pursuit and the suspect."

In addition, the court found Jasiecki violated department rules and regulations by engaging in "pursuit tactics at a high rate of speed" and failing "to exercise good judgment."  

Jasiecki was removed from his post  on Aug. 13, 2002, for "incompetency, inefficiency or failure to perform duties," conduct unbecoming a public employee, neglect of duty and misuse of public property including a motor vehicle.

Administrative Law Judge Margaret M. Monaco heard Jasiecki's first appeal and ruled in 2008 that the PPD was justified in firing him.

Under state law, any further appeal had to go through the courts, and the latest appeal ended with today's ruling by Judges Ronald Graves, Jonathan N. Harris and Ellen Koblitz in Essex County.

FriendorFoe February 01, 2013 at 02:09 AM
I know Mike. Terrible what happened because he was really good at his job. Lets face it, he could be a hot head and he is not afraid to voice his opinion no matter what the consequence ( as we can see from this result from a car chase ). But lets see what transpired with the Parsippany Police over the next several years A Sergeant ( Whiteman) that was suspended and demoted and later reinstated for Civil Rights violation. ( how much did that cost the town) Probably ahould have been fired but didn't which cost the town even more $ because town attorney fees and Whitemans own settlement which he was given because the town treated him like garbage. A certain patrolman who was videotaped sleeping in his car ( fireable) . What came of that because nothing about him was made known. The whole time you have Carif ( Capt. ) bilking money from the town. He used to pull in front of the court doors, jump out in his softball uniform and be out in a few minutes after he had his 2 hour court overtime sheet signed. Amongst numerous other scams. ( just read comments when his name comes up anywhere) That being said, nobody is above the law but fair is fair. Unfortunately incidents like Mikes happen in every work place. It only depends on if you are liked ( company man) or not liked.
Carol M. February 01, 2013 at 12:50 PM
I have no commentary on the details of the case itself but what I find eye opening is the information about how long this whole process took. I've always had this perception, as I believe most do, that traveling through the justice system "takes forever" but seeing confirmation of how many years that translates in to surprised me. 6 years before the first appeal was settled and then another 5 before it was finally settled; there has to be a more efficient way for things like this to resolve. I can't even imagine how many decades must pass by before some of these huge and complicated cases get resolved; it's terrible to think that all those people involved go year after year not having final answers. I don't know what it might be but, there has to be a better way.
retired February 01, 2013 at 06:07 PM
I know Mike for many years. I was annoyed to see what the town did to him. Yeah I I know Mike for many years, and yeah at times he could be a hot head and he always spoke his mind ( as you can see by this incident ). But that aside, over the years, others have done worse with little or no penalty. You have a Sgt. who was found to have violated peoples Civil Rights . was not fired for a Civil Rights violation Whiteman was suspended, demoted and reinstated back to Sergeant. He then sued the town for harsh treatment he received during a long span of time. Next you have an officer that was videotaped sleeping in his patrol car ( fireable offense ). What ever happened to him. Nothing was ever said so one would assume he is still working ( why ? ). Then you have James Carifi ( Capt. ) over the years he has scammed money from the town. Here is just one example. On court days, he would pull up in front of the court doors in his own car, jump out, wearing a softball uniform and run in. He would be out after a few minutes with his 2 hour court time overtime paperwork signed and then would leave. I dont blame him, I blame a TOWN that breeds this type of behavior do to there lack of inaction. Car chase = fired verse Civil Rights Violation = not fired verse Abuse of the System = nothing. I am not justifying any bad behavior, but it is time to stop playing favorites and treat everybody the same.
Nicholas Robert Homyak February 02, 2013 at 01:19 PM
Why are police still doing this high speed chase stuff? Very dangerous. Once you get the plate number, or radio ahead. The culprit can be taken later. Too many movies or too bored with the job. There is allot to police work like quality of life issues its not all fighting criminals.
Mike February 02, 2013 at 01:24 PM
Just remember when it's time to decide who is running for mayor...Carifi's brother will be running and then there will be a new police chief...his brother...running the police department. The Carifi's know all the loopholes in the rules and then close them after they got what they wanted.
Scott Dean February 02, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Mike, just a question ? How were the Cariffi's involved with firing this officer 10 years ago.How about some accountability,it seems that there was a couple of violations that resulted in this officer from being let go. Just sayin
Tom Davis February 02, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Mike, let's be real. Again you must be a friend of our one term Mayor. The same Mayor that asked for leniency for a convicted drug dealer. The same people our police including Mr. Carifi protect us from. So I take it you support and want someone one to lead our community who wants to help drug dealers get back out on the street vs. someone who helps protect us from them. Maybe you and Barberio can become pen pals for criminalls in 2014 when he's out of office.
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk February 03, 2013 at 01:13 AM
Nick. you never know if the pursuit is worth it or to break it off. If the guy is running from you then there is a 50 50 chance if you get him now you will do some greater good rather than breaking off the chase and hoping to catch him later. There is no correct answer, it is all luck. If you are chasing someone and he has a kidnapped child in the car you didn't know about and you break off the chase. And a week later the child is found dead. Breaking off the chase was not the thing to do. Your statement is wrong and ignorant. - former agent.


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