Get Ready for Hurricane Sandy, Just in Case, Says Police Chief

Hurricane may cross Bahamas today and bring high winds and rain to the northeast US next week.

Parsippany Police are warning residents to make sure they are ready in a case of an emergency, especially if Hurricane Sandy moves up the U.S. east coast.

The National Weather Service reports the sprawling storm could cross the Bahamas today and make its way to the U.S. east coast next week, bringing with it the potential for significant rains, high winds and floods.

In a statement, Police Chief Anthony DeZenzo said the department is keeping abreast of NWS updates regarding the storm.

The chief suggested that residents take the opportunity to make sure they are ready for whatever may occur. 

"Now is a good time to create or check your disaster supply kit and family disaster plan," he said. 

He pointed to flooding, debris, high winds, and power outages as ways in which the storm could endanger the area. 

DeZenzo, who heads Parsippany's Office of Emergency Management, suggested visiting the New Jersey OEM hurricane readiness page to find tips on how to make sure you're ready should disaster strike.

Bob Crawford October 25, 2012 at 03:28 PM
What specific changes can Parsippany residents who live in flood prone areas expect will be implemented by the OEM that will better prepare them to protect themselves and their homes in case Parsippany is hit by another "500 year storm"? What was learned by the Mayor and his team from Hurricane Irene and what types of improvements have been made in the notification and evacuation processes to ensure that impacted residents have the time and the opportunity to get out of harm's way. I agree with Chief DeZenzo that residents should plan and "make sure they are ready for whatever may occur" However, what we also need to learn is what Chief DeZenzo and the Mayor have done to make sure that Parsippany is ready for whatever may occur. Needless to say the sooner we hear from the Chief and the Mayor the better
Peter Rizzolo October 25, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Here's an idea, don't put yourself in a position to be a victim. Official warning went out.
gina s. October 25, 2012 at 06:03 PM
I don't think anyone should wait to hear from the Mayor or Chief to have a backup plan. When and if this storms come, we will have had almost 1 week notice (they've been talking about it since Tues) so people need to be prepared. If people are waiting for the higher ups to tell them what to do, they are in sad shape. Like Peter said, don't be a victim....you have to be accountable for your own actions....prepare now..just in case...
Bob Crawford October 25, 2012 at 11:12 PM
There is no question that individuals are ultimately responsible for doing all that they can do to ensure their safety and that of their families. But our elected officials also bear responsibility for acting on the lessons learned from past disasters and so the question remains what did Mayor Barberio and Town Council members learn from Hurricane Irene and what do they plan to do differently to prepare Parsippany for the possibility that Hurricane Sandy might hit Parsippany hard. A year ago when asked the question about what he had done to prepare the community for Hurricane Irene Mayor Barberio angrily suggested that anyone questioning him was doing so for purely political reasons. Well Mr. Mayor this time the question is being raised before the potential arrival of another devastating storm so you have at least 72 hours to provide us with your plans. Here's an opportunity to lead from the front rather than from behind. How are you going to respond this time around?


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