UPDATED: Help Info for Flood-Affected Residents

If you have property losses or concerns involving health or just about anything related following the storm, here are entities that can offer assistance.

Now that President Obama has declared a state of emergency for Morris and four other New Jersey counties, Parsippany residents feeling the impact of recent flooding soon will have more avenues to follow for assistance.

Residents may now apply for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The agency can be reached online or at 800-621-3362. FEMA is expected to set up a center in the area soon. When that information is announced, Patch will put it on the site. For now, direct inquiries to the Flood Damage Assistance Center at the Lake Hiawatha District 4 headquarters on North Beverwyck Road.

Also, the Parsippany Police Department reports cleanup kits are now available at the Lake Hiawatha Fire Department Flood Assessment Center. Gloves, masks and hand wipes are available at the Knoll Community Center.

In the meantime, police compiled a list of municipal entities that exist to help.

  • Department of Public Works will provide curbside pickup of furniture and other items damaged during Hurricane Irene. Crews will be available to assist residents to bring large items from the front of their homes to the curb. Township employees will not be permitted to enter private homes. Curbside pickup will begin in the flooded areas of Lake Hiawatha as residents are allowed back in their homes and begin cleanup. Lake Hiawatha residents may also bring items to the Lake Hiawatha Swim Club. Residents in other parts of town who have storm-damaged items to be picked up should call Director Greg Schneider at 973-263-7273 for assistance.
  • Department of Human Services' Health Department offers residents information on health-related issues. The agency provides gloves, antiseptic hand wipes and masks to utilize in cleaning damaged property. Water and snacks are also available. The department can be found in the Parsippany Community Center at 1130 Knoll Road in Lake Hiawatha.
  • Department of Building and Construction is available to address concerns regarding electrical systems, plumbing systems and building foundations. Officials will be assigned to the damaged areas starting Tuesday at 9 a.m. Call Construction Official Edward J. Corcoran, P.E. at 973-263-4366 today to have an official come take a look at your home.
  • Water Utility is available to answer questions residents have regarding water quality and service. You can reach Director Kevin Ryan at 973-263-7099
  • Animal Control is available for questions regarding pets and local wildlife. Call Supervisor Chris Dikovics at 973-263-7083. The office and shelter are at 1069 Parsippany Blvd.
  • Parks and Forestry is the department to call if you have questions regarding downed trees, damaged trees or local parks should be directed to Director James Walsh at 973-263-7254. Parks and Forestry is located on the site of Knoll Country Club.
  • Sewer Department handles questions regarding sewer service and sewage treatment. Direct inquiries to Utility Superintendent Phil Bober at 973- 428-7593. The office is at the intersection of Edward and New roads.
  • Housing Department Coordinator Rena Plaxe deals with questions regarding pumping oil out of basements, air quality, soil quality and obtaining short-term leases in local apartments. The department is housed within the Community Center on Knoll Road.
  • Police Department is on call for questions and concerns regarding security in damaged areas and emergency services. New Chief of Police Anthony DeZenzo is the man with whom the buck stops. For questions, contact the Emergency Services Dispatch Center at 973-263-4300. If your situation involves a genuine emergency, call 9-1-1.

More services will be announced as they become available.

Me So September 03, 2011 at 11:10 PM
P.M. Call back your ins. co. Speak with a supervisor and find another way of carefully wording you issue. Years ago I started the dishwasher and went to bed. It got stuck in the fill cycle, flooded my dining room, kitchen and wrecked the floors below. I was covered, fully!!! No flood insurance. Your problem is not an issue of flood.
Kimberly Kirstein September 04, 2011 at 02:08 AM
Agreed, Rich. I was stunned when I went to Lake Hiawatha this morning and then to Denville this evening. I feel that there is more that we can be doing as a community. It is truly devastating to go down street after street seeing the damage.
debra foody September 04, 2011 at 02:39 AM
I received a lot of help today and appreciated all of it. I just could not do anymore!!! Just having knee surgery and living alone this task was overwhelming. I can not thank the kind people enough!
john p maguire September 07, 2011 at 03:16 AM
On Monday We Took A Driving Tour Of The Lake Hiawatha Neighborhod Flooded When Hurricane Irene Came Through Parsippany. These People Have Lost Everything, All Possessions, Appliances, Clothing, Personal Possessions And More, I Hope Our Community Will Come Together To Assist Them In Their Recovery Efforts, They NEED Clothing, Groceries, Cleaning Supplies And Gift Cards !!!!!! 24 Hours Later I Am Still Shocked That Street After Street Is Lined With Discarded Applianes, Furniture, Mattresses, Insulation, Flooring, Etc. It Is Truly Heartbreaking And I Hope The Residents Receive ALL The Help They NEED And The Lord's Blessing To Recover From This Absolute Devastation !!!!!!.
Karina Vasquez-Salgado September 10, 2011 at 02:06 AM
As one of the victim of the flood all we need is a place to stay. Having lost everything the last thing we want to do is have to give up our dog who's been in our family well over 14 years. Yet every apt complex we went to will not accept our dog. Most of my neighbors have a dog or cat and now we are all homeless on Lake Shore Drive.


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