PHOTOS: A Watery Post-Irene Gallery

Faces, scenes and stories from Irene's floods

The floods left in the wake of Irene's heavy rains and dark clouds pushed Parsippany residents from their homes and created financial nightmares for business owners, but there is the proverbial silver lining: The township and those who live here remembered their strength. Right now, Parsippany may be bent, but it is not broken.

Rich Zawisha August 30, 2011 at 12:30 PM
For the remaining period of time that Route 287 is closed in Booton and traffic is being diverted onto Route 202 (Parsippany Road. Littleton Road and Intervale Rd), there must be some way in which these routes can be expanded to two lanes in some manner. I spent 30 minutes making my way from the intersection of Jefferson and Parsippany Road getting home to my condo at Cambridge Village. One suggestion if possible is to make Intervale Road a one way street, expand the traffic light time going across 46.


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