Woman Stole More Than $600 in DVDs, Cops Say

Landing resident held in default of $2,000 bail for allegedly taking $618 in merchandise from KMart.

A Landing woman has been accused of stealing several DVDs from KMart, Parsippany Police.

Sarah Heller, 26, has been charged with third-degree shoplifting for an Oct. 26 incident in which she was spotted attempting to hide multiple DVDs in a handbag, according to a police department statement released Tuesday by Patrolman Earl Kinsey.

Loss prevention personnel at the Route 46 department store told officers they saw Heller with the discs, which had a total value of more than $618, the statement said.

Heller was transported to the Morris County Correctional Facility in default of $2,000 bail with a 10 percent option, the statement said.


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