Zoning Law Changes Approved in Parsippany

Planner presented information on proposed amendments to township zoning laws.

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council made quick work of approving 10 ordinances and ordinance amendments up for second reading and a final vote during its Tuesday night regular meeting. Among the unanimously accepted new laws were changes to established zoning regulations.

Prior to the vote, the council heard an explanation of five proposed amendments from Edward Snieckus of Burgis Associates, the township Planning Board's professional planner.

"These amendments were formulated from a review that the Planning Board conducted in 2010," Snieckus said. "There are a series of amendments recommended more for either housekeeping items, recommendations from the Zoning Board of Adjustment from their review of applications for variances, to the more substantive items the Planning Board felt were in need of an update or brought up to speed."

  • Ordinance 2012:37 updates existing legal definitions of three business categories—"digital data storage warehouse," "fast food restaurant" and "educational and vocational training institutions and schools"—and their legally permitted uses. Among other things, the amendment expands the list of zones where indoor corporate health clubs are allowed, increases the number of zones in which educational and vocational schools may operate, and removes religious institutions from the list of entities permitted in a B-4 non-residential zone. The . This amendment will not affect that application in any way. 
  • Ordinance 2012:38 would allow drive-through businesses, such as pharmacies and banks, in zones designated as B-2 highway development districts.
  • Ordinance 2012:39 relates to what Snieckus called "procedural items," including a change that would mandate that minor site plan revisions be brought to the attention of the township's zoning officer and expanding the zones where people may pursue home occupations, such as tailors and dressmakers.
  • Ordinance 2012:40 pertains to amending permitted uses for certain residential zones. Among the changes: agricultural uses will no longer be allowed in some residential areas and new requirements for child care outdoor play areas will be put into effect.
  • Ordinance 2012:41 amends the zoning of residential land purchased by the municipality to become open space from R-1M (Residential Mixed-Use) to RCW (Recreation, Conservation, and Wildlife).

The council, following the Planning Board's advice, voted to postpone consideration of proposed amendment 2012:36, which would alter zoning laws governing mixed-use development projects, which include commercial and residential components.

"The Planning Board has recommended at this time for the amendment to be tabled for the purpose of reviewing it during next year, wherein the Planning Board will be conducting a comprehensive review of the Master Plan again," Snieckus said. "It was deemed appropriate to review [the ordinance amendment proposal] at that time because of the manner in which the properties will be recommended for re-zoning."

In addition to approving five Planning Board measures, the Town Council okayed five more.

  • 2012:42 establishes fees for biennial inspections of apartment buildings at $30 per unit, which covers an initial inspection and one reinspection and additional reinspections at $30 per unit. 
  • 2012: 43 would execute and renew a lease with the caretaker of township parklet WatnongGardens
  • 2012:44 updates and correct salary range information for municipal public safety telecommunicators.
  • 2012:45 establishes new fee structures for the Knoll West and East golf clubs. The council was introduced to the then-proposed changes last month.
  • 2012:46 amends the recently passed ordinance authorizing the town's purchase of Irene-damaged homes for open space to allow the addition of one more flood-affected property on the list of edifices to acquire.
Pete November 29, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Interesting, isn't it, how most of the paragraphs in 2012:40 actually don't contain any text about what the proposed changes ARE. They're marked "Reserved", which as far as I know means "We'll fill it in later". So how are we to know what our benevolent dictators have in store for us ?


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