Council OKs Flood-Related Resolutions

Two measures deal with FEMA funding for flood mitigation; a third addresses federal community development money

At its Tuesday night meeting, the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council took action to move forward on utilizing more than $7 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency funds awarded to the town.

The council unanimously approved a resolution giving Mayor James Barberio the authority to execute a grant agreement with FEMA in the amount of $7,220,206. Those dollars are slated to go toward acquiring and elevating Lake Hiawatha buildings deemed "substantially damaged" in last summer's unprecedented floods.

Another resolution passed would allow a portion of the FEMA funds to be used to hire Architectural Design Associates of Clifton to work on elevations at six severely damaged addresses in lower Hiawatha.

Business Administrator Jasmine Lim said the firm was chosen because of its experience with raising flood-damaged properties.

"They have completed elevations in Little Falls," she said. "They come highly recommended."

Lim explained that the resolution is intended to help for property owners who have had plans prepared and have received proposals from contractors, "but without FEMA in mind."

"This company knows the ins and outs of dealing with FEMA," she said.

The six affected addresses are:

  • 7 Chesapeake Ave.
  • 17 Chesapeake Ave.
  • 60 Lake Shore Drive
  • 49 River Road
  • 67 River Road
  • 6 Seminole Ave.

A third resolution passed by the entire council authorizes the mayor to submit an application to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development for 2012 Community Development Block Grant funds.

Frank Drebin May 09, 2012 at 08:28 PM
6 houses @ 300,000.00 is 1.8 million. 7,200,000.00 less 1.8 million is 5.4 million How much does the Architectural Design Associates of Clifton get?
William Paavola May 09, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Really only six house in separate neighborhoods. How were those chosen. I know a lot more houses were affected/detroyed.
VietNam Vet May 10, 2012 at 03:59 AM
I agree with you all, there are a lot more homes that were destroyed in that flood, many have lost everything they had. I know a few people who lost quite alot, when does the town take money an help them too. It seems like the mayor and town are going to be running off with somemore money. When is enough enough, or do they have to bankrupt everybody who has less than they do?
Zach May 10, 2012 at 08:40 AM
Most of the money probably went towards cleaning of the site. Many workers who were involved in the restoration of the site put in a mass amount of hours and need to be compensated. This would include labor, materials, fuel, overtime, etc. All that combined would total close to 5.4 million. I am not 100% positive on cost but with a disaster as flooding, everything combined is unimaginably expensive. I do believe more assistance to every resident flooded is necessary and should be top priority of Parsippany.
Frank Drebin May 10, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Zach. I had 2 floors of my home cleaned and floors and walls demolition work done fot under 10,100. If the homes had more area to be cleaned the most I imagine would] be 20-25k


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