Affordable Housing Plans Set to Move Forward

Three proposed resolutions will get council consideration just before the state deadline to use affordable housing funds expires.

The Township Council is expected to consider three proposed resolutions to boost affordable housing in Parsippany. The measures were introduced at Tuesday's council agenda meeting at Town Hall.

The measures are scheduled for discussion and a vote at the council's business meeting next Tuesday, which is the same day as the state's deadline for municipalities to use or lose money in their Affordable Housing Trust Funds.

The three measures include:

  • a plan to allocate $150,000 to Morris Habitat for Humanity for the development of low to moderate income housing in Parsippany; this would generate credits for two affordable housing units
  • a move to give an additional $1 million in AHTF dollars to the Special Needs Housing Partnership, which has already been given $1 million to put toward its efforts to fill the housing needs of special-needs residents
  • a proposal to give $505,000 to the Rose House, a nonprofit group that works with building contractor New Bridge, to develop six residential housing units for developmentally disabled residents of low and/or moderate income; this project would generate up to six credits.

According to a proposed resolution, the Rose House funds would go toward acquiring and developing a six-bedroom group home at 1350 S. Beverwyck Road (or another township location if this falls through). 

If approved next week, Mayor James Barberio and Acting Clerk Carol Kehoe would execute Memorandums of Understanding between the township and the appropriate parties for each project.

The council will consider additional measures relating to AHTF projects.

Under one, the township would strike an agreement with its contracted planning firm, Burgis Associates of Westwood, to prepare an AHTF spending plan in accordance with state regulations.

The second additional measure would task Burgis Associates to help the town prepare a Housing Element and Fair Share Plan to address Parsippany's lower-income housing obligation and file the plan with the DCA's Council on Affordable Housing. This plan will help ensure that township zoning laws are in place to allow affordable housing constructions to commence.

Business Administrator Jasmine Lim has certified in writing that for each of these projects, the cost of Burgis' services will not exceed $17,500, for a total of $35,000.

Burgis was contracted to provide professional planning services for the township Planning Board for this year at the start of 2012.

g July 12, 2012 at 02:03 PM
he mayor told those in attendance that the budget is a "lean" one that comes in at 0.5 percent—$298,205—lower than the 2011 plan. The budget anticipates general revenues of $18,289,581, a drop of 5.2 percent from the previous year. Also down is the township's ratable base. For 2012, it stands at $7,259,404,453, a decrease of 1.1 percent from 2011. The plan includes a 1.8 percent tax levy increase of $700,000 and a tax rate hike of 2.9 percent, which would amount to $49 more for the average assessed home of $309,000. A plan to allocate $150,000 to Morris Habitat for Humanity for the development of low to moderate income housing in Parsippany; this would generate credits for two affordable housing units Barberio, prior to the vote, announced that all "white-collar" town employees—about half of the municipal workforce—will receive a 2 percent pay raise. He said that he allowed the increases because salaries at Town Hall have been frozen since 2009. Assess the average home 2.9% and give salary increases of 2% I'm retired with fixed income when will I get a raise?
VietNam Vet July 13, 2012 at 02:02 AM
G, it seems that people like us are never going to see an increase anymore as long as we have that moron in Wash. The employees haven't had a raise since "09 isn't that a shame, so has half the country been without an increase. My heart bleeds for them, poor babies, to dang bad.


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