District 26 GOP Trenton Trio to Run Again For Legislature

Parsippany's Joseph Raich has stated his intention to run for Assembly.

The state legislators representing the 26th Legislative District — Sen. Joe Pennacchio of Pine Brook, Assemblyman Jay Webber of Morris Plains and Parsippany resident Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce — announced their plan to run for re-election as a ticket Thursday.

“I look forward to running with our team and serving the constituents of the 26th Legislative District," said Pennacchio. "It has been an honor to represent our constituents but more importantly to advocate and fight for what is in the best interests of the people we serve.”

“I serve, and hope to continue to serve, so that our Garden State keeps moving toward an affordable and prosperous future as great as our state’s citizens," Webber stated. "I am committed to pursuing policies that balance the provision of essential government services and the protection of the most vulnerable among us—while never losing sight of those too-often-forgotten folks: the hard-working taxpayers who play by the rules and ask only a fair shake from their government.”

DeCroce said she and her ticketmates bring “dedication, commitment and responsiveness" to their constituents.

“We believe in seeing and hearing for ourselves, the challenges and issues facing our district and pursuing the means to address them," she said. "We stand ready to enhance the quality of life of our constituents while keeping the tax burden low. 

"I welcome the opportunity to run with Sen. Pennacchio and my partner in the Assembly, Jay Webber, to proudly represent the 26th District.”

So far no primary election opponents have annouced an intention to run.

The primary election is scheduled for June 4. So far no primary opponents have stepped up, though Parsippany Democrat Joseph Raich said he is looking forward to facing DeCroce again in the November general election.

Last November, in the race for the unexpired seat DeCroce won, she defeated Raich by a margin of 60-40 percent.

The 26th district includes the Morris County municipalities of Butler Borough, Jefferson Township, Kinnelon Borough, Lincoln Park Borough, Montville Township, Morris Plains Borough, Parsippany-Troy Hills Township and Rockaway Township, along with Essex County's Fairfield Township, North Caldwell Borough, Verona Township, West Caldwell Township and West Milford Township in Passaic County.

Michael S Fenton February 14, 2013 at 03:54 PM
I'm not inclined to vote for any incumbent. I'm not happy with the past four years accomplishments and I believe all the incumbents are responsible for the situation. Also, these folks may be decent and hard working but I wouldn't know because they don't communicate much. This makes me even more suspicious of their contribution to the current situation. I'm looking for someone who believes in cooperation not confrontation, in communicating not hiding behind a desk.
Robert Lawrence February 14, 2013 at 05:07 PM
You're a registered Democrat, Mr. Fenton, so it's hardly surprising that you want Democrats for the Senate & Assembly. Webber & DeCroce will continue to completely trounce any Republican or Democrat who ever runs against them -- they're very popular, active, and productive. That's a fact, whether u like it or not. As for Pennacchio, I'm not so sure. A taxpayer group just gave Pennacchio a "C" grade for his somewhat liberal voting record, so he might be vulnerable in a Republican primary. But that could be a reach too.
Chris for Liberty February 14, 2013 at 10:48 PM
So popular that they don't feel they have to reply to their constituents letters and emails. Apparently, if your not a friend or colleague, you don't matter. They won't have my vote.
Robert Lawrence February 14, 2013 at 11:53 PM
From your prior comments, Chris, it looks like you made the same complaint about Congressman Frelinghuysen. So the problem probably is with you, Chris, and not them. They might not feel obligated to answer your repeated email ravings about your love affair with your gun collection, for example. (In your prior posts, you seem weirdly obsessed with writing about guns & ammo, Chris.)
Robert Lawrence February 15, 2013 at 12:05 AM
This is what Chris commented in another post: "I feel the government is trying to disarm the nation to allow for eventual UN takeover. It's not conspiracy talk, it's very real. The treaties the US Ambassador could sign soon will put us under the control of the UN. Arms Trade Treaty, Small Arms Treaty, Law of the Sea Teaty, International Criminal Court, are all focused on ruinung the US and taxing us severely to send money to corrupt dictators in third world countries. The UN goal is global government." After that tour de force, Chris, I think it's becoming clear why Frelinghuysen, Pennacchio, Webber, and DeCroce might not respond to your email or letters. Take off the tinfoil hat, step away from the keyboard, and get those meds out of the kitchen cabinet.
Jo February 15, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Robert, I don't know anything about Chris' past comments, but Chris is not alone in his claim. There are plenty of Repubs, including govt officials, who hold the same view. According to the "Morris Patriots' and several other right-wing orgs, the U.N. has created Agenda 21, a ''top-down plan to control countries, states, cities and every citizen'' - which is a ridiculous claim. Our very own Morris Cty Freeholders passed a resolution on June 13, 2012, that takes a stand against this purported "takeover''. (see Res. 41 in the minutes of that night). Many Repub-dominated goverment groups are doing the same. So even though I don't believe Chris' claim has any merit - the U.N. is benign - the truth is that Pennacchio and company probably agree with him.
Frank Stross February 15, 2013 at 02:01 PM
It would be nice for a change if senior republican leadership in the 26th district steps up and tells Mayor Barberio how much he is screwing up the town of Parsippany and for allowing him to run the town and the republican party into the ground!! I find it also very intersting that the senior leadership is allowing Mayor Barberio to run a slate with Milin Shah a former Democrat who worked relentlessly against Confressmen Frelinghuysen, Councilmen Mike DePerio and former Councilmen John Fox. Miin Shah is also documented in mailers and websites slandering Congressmen Frelinhuysen and openly supporting President Obama to be elected. This is the same youngman who's uncle Jigger Shah was under investigation for absentee ballot fraud.So lthe Republican party in Parsippany will wait patiently to see what are senior leadership will be doing? Because it not to late to support new leadership for the 26th district now or in the near future. Mayor Barberio along with his thug Vinnie Ferrera and his wannabe Republican Milin Shah are all wrong for Parsippany!!
Chris for Liberty February 15, 2013 at 02:23 PM
1. The treaties I mentioned (Law of the Sea, Small Arms and Arms Trade, as well as Agenda 21), are very real. Perhaps if you take the time each day to pay attention to the happenings around the world, this would be known to you. The sovereinty of our nation is at risk and far too many Americans aren't even aware. 2. Not that its your business, but the other issue I raised with our Assemblypersons and Senator was their duty to nullify any law the Federal government imposes on the States which is outside the scope of their power. Since then, I learned nullification can't be used. But, the law could be defunded or slowly implimented; Changed or repealed; Finally, challenged in the courts. In this case, it's the attempt by the Feds to force the health care exchanges on the States. 3. It doesn't matter what a constituent writes to their representatives in government, or what political party, if any, someone belongs. All correspondence or phone calls should be answered.The only contact I received was an acknowlegement by a staffer of Assemblywoman DeCroce of the receipt of my message and that it would be passed on to her. So, if you feel better hurling names at me, fine. But, I for one, will continue to monitor, and be vocal about what happens at all levels of govenment.
conservativeGOPMax February 15, 2013 at 02:39 PM
Brilliant strategy, just brilliant, Frank Stross! Barberio must be secretly hoping Frank Stross is the campaign strategist for Carifi-Valori-Peluso. Yeah, brilliant -- run people in a primary against Pennacchio-Webber-DeCroce so that you suddenly: give the popular & powerful Legislators EVERY reason to campaign actively in Parsippany with Barberio; determine them to do everything in the substantial power to put Barberio on their strong coattails; invite them to spend about 100K in Parsippany to re-elect themselves & Barberio (the 3 Legislators are sitting on something like $400,000 in campaign funds, so 100K is nothing to them); and involve Governor Chris Christie in the race on the side of the Barberio (you do realize that the 3 Legislators are running with Christie, don't you Stross?). Quick Frank Stross -- check with the Patch to see if you can pull your comment before Barberio gets a look at it, because you've just given him a foolproof plan for easy renomination. If Grand Strategist Frank Stross is the genius advisor to Carifi-Valori-Peluso, then only God can help their candidacies at this point. (There's just no cure for stupid.)
Frank Stross February 15, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Mr. Conservative!! Its very apparent that you are a Barberio supporter and could care less about Mayor Barberio running the town into the ground and crushing the taxpayers!! You fail to mention your good friend running with a Democrat on his ticket that ripped congressmen Frelinghuysen apart and mocked Councilmen DePiero and Fox..And that the Democrat Milin Shah's uncle was under investigation for absentee ballot fraud. Mr. Conservative so your telling me that the senior republican leadership excepts this behavior? And Its okay for your Mayor to spend a 1,000,000 a year in attorney fees? Over 500,000 a year for a payout to the Chief that the Mayor negotiated the contract? Your Mayor wrote a liencey letter for a convicted drug dealer in our town that was selling drugs to our children in the 26 district! Is that okay? Your telling me the senior leadership thinks that this behavior is okay? So are you the spokes person for the senior leadership in the 26th District? And knowing that are great governor a former US Attorney with high moral values except this behavior? Please tell me Mr. Barberio?? Or are you telling me that this incompetent Mayor who has lacks judgement and education is in the best interest for our taxpayer? And trust me Im not removing any post because it very apparent that you are out of touch with reality! Please if you are the spokes person for the 26th District leadership I will love to hear their respone on Mayor Barberio pathetic leadership
Kay February 15, 2013 at 03:15 PM
wheres Marek
conservativeGOPMax February 15, 2013 at 03:54 PM
"so your telling me that the senior republican leadership excepts this behavior?" Don't you mean "so YOU'RE telling me" . . . "ACCEPTS this behavior," Einstein. "And Its okay for your Mayor" Don't you mean "IT'S okay," Einstein. "wrote a liencey letter" Don't you mean "a LENIENCY letter," Einstein. "with high moral values except this behavior?" Don't you mean "ACCEPT this behavior," Einstein. "who has lacks judgement and education" LOL. Yes, of course Einstein, it's Barberio "who has [sic] lacks [sic] judgement [sic] and education"! (This is just too easy.) "I will love to hear their respone on" What's a "respone," Einstein? Is it a new recipe for soup? As I said before, there is just no cure for stupid.
conservativeGOPMax February 15, 2013 at 04:09 PM
Missed one! . . . "that are great governor" Don't you mean "OUR great governor," Einstein. Frank Stross, invest in a 2nd Grade grammar book. When Frank Stross lacks even the fundamentals of an elementary school education, perhaps he should be slower to question to education and intelligence of others.
Frank Stross February 15, 2013 at 05:36 PM
Mr.Consevative, I greatly appreciate your grammar lesson, but the facts are very clear that the Mayor is clueless and is running the town along with the Republican party into the ground. The facts are very clear that he is uneducated and lacks leadership skills. I give you credit for trying to stickup for him, he needs every bit of help. Its also very clear that your not conservative or the spokes person for the 26th district. Because I couldn't imagine the conservative leader supporting a Democrat in disguise. And Mr. conservative did you help the Mayor write his liencey letter for the drug dealer? Because the way your defending him it wouldn't suprise me!!
Chris for Liberty February 16, 2013 at 09:16 PM
I understand your view about the UN. I should have explained my view properly. I'm sure you and others know that the US Senate is charged with ratifying treaties, according to the Constitution. Those treaties become the law of the land, even above the Constitution as explained in the Supremacy clause. In the late sixties, the US Senate was stupid enough to ratify the Law of the Treaties treaty which gives the President, or his designee, the power to negotiate and sign treaties. If the Senate does not vote on the treaty, we're bound by it unless a future President renounces it, or the Senate decides to vote on ratification. Since Democrats control the Senate, they may very well choose not to bring any treaties to a vote. My fear is that the President will eventually sign the Arms Trade treaty, Small Arms treaty (which will eventually disarm US citizens); International Criminal Court (who have the power to punish our President, after his term ends, for not complying with treaties), and yes, Agenda 21 with the results you stated. By signing those treaties, our sovereignty and liberty will certainly be eliminated and we will be under the control of the UN. So I must disagree that the UN is "benign". They're purpose is very real. I just wish all Americans would pay attention to what's happening and demand our employees in Congress to abide by the Constitution and protect the United States.
Nitsuj February 23, 2013 at 08:28 PM
Robert, As a former Caldwell resident who had Frelinghusen as a congressman, he always would respond back to my letters even if we disagreed. I would rather have him as my representative then being under the Payne Dynasty of district 10 (I live in Montclair, sadly only upper montclair is under frelinghuysen) who never responds to letters at all and never has any town hall meetings.
Patriot March 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Jo, At the same Morris County Freeholder meeting they passed in the next resolution, #42, the joining of the federal HUD grant consortium which formulates a plan for the development and redevelopment of the northern 13 counties of NJ. The Freeholders voted 7-0 to accept this grant and to be a member while admitting it was an UN Agenda 21 principled program because they said they did it for the "money". This consortium is now selling itself as Together New Jersey. Kindly present all the facts in the future. The Freeholders spit on Res 41 and they clearly knew what they were doing. UN Agenda 21 is rampant in NJ. Get informed.
Patriot March 23, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Jo, At the same Morris County Freeholder meeting they passed in the next resolution, #42, the joining of the federal HUD grant consortium which formulates a plan for the development and redevelopment of the northern 13 counties of NJ. The Freeholders voted 7-0 to accept this grant and to be a member while admitting it was an UN Agenda 21 principled program because they said they did it for the "money". This consortium is now selling itself as Together New Jersey. Kindly present all the facts in the future. The Freeholders spit on Res 41 and they clearly knew what they were doing. UN Agenda 21 is rampant in NJ. Get informed.


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