GOP to Choose Town Council Hopefuls

Michael Strumolo says Freeholder John Cesaro's vacated council seat should be filled by a woman.

The Morris County Republican Committee takes up a huge task at its upcoming Monday meeting: narrowing down who has a shot to replace on the Parsippany Township Council.

Among those expected to make a bid before the county committee for the seat include U.S. Air Force reservist and former Town Council member James Vigilante and Dr. Louis Valori, former Board of Education member and current vice chairperson of the .

Commitee member Michael Strumolo, who also sits on the , told Patch that it's time a woman had a spot on the council.

"Women are half of the population in Parsippany," Strumolo said. "We haven't had a woman on the council since Ann Grossi became a freeholder two years ago. That's not right."

Strumolo said he did not know who the committee was considering, though when informed that many are whispering the name of , who is studying law at Seton Hall University, he indicated that he had heard that news.

Shah ran for council unsuccessfully as a Democrat in 2007 but afterward changed his affiliation to the Republican Party, where he, cousin (now on the Zoning Board of Adjustment) and uncle have played roles in helping promote local GOP campaigns.

"Milin is a good kid and his family works hard," Strumolo said. "I'm not opposed to him. I think it's just important to have a woman there."

The Township Council will meet in special session Tuesday at 7 p.m at Town Hall to pick from the county committee's three selections. The winner will be sworn in to serve the remainder of , which is set to end Dec. 31, 2013.

parpardon June 23, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Hank, first of all I don't even know why Natalie Davis would even interview Mike Strumolo. He is not the Chair of the Republican Party in town. Natalie should be interviewing the chairperson of the republican committee. Hank, one thing you do not do is fool me. Everyone knows that you are friends with Strumolo who I may add probably called up Natalie Davis for this story. Hank, Mike Strumolo is bad for the BOE and the town. He could care less if it is a woman. As for your statement about the absantee ballots in the last election, if you want to know the truth just go to Tabor Pizza like I do and you hear a lot of what happened in the last election. See what council member recieved the most absantee votes in the last republican primary. Call the county clerk and get a list of who voted absantee and where they live. You will find out that those who voted don't even live in town but have a Parsippany address that is owned by a certain individual who is close with the council member who recieved the most absantee votes. Oh by the way, when you talk about intellectual decision-making Mike Strumolo is not in that category. Also ask Mike Strumolo how he lied and tried to decieve Judy Tiedemann who I may add is a wonderful person.
parpardon June 23, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Carol, Mike Strumolo could care less if a woman was on the council. I don't know if you know Judy Tiedemann? Judy is a wonderful person who Strumolo stabbed in the back. He did the same to Loretta Gragnani. Mike Strumolo can't even make a decision. Just like Kevin Brancato says, he will probably abstain when it comes time to vote.
parpardon June 23, 2012 at 03:52 AM
Selene, you sound like you are a bit prejiduce. You use the term Good Ole Boys, white males. Cut me a break and go back and hide under the rock you came out of.
Natalie Davis June 23, 2012 at 04:43 AM
Ach! That's what happens when you get old. Thanks, Selene.
Carol M. June 23, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Very true and right to the point Mr Brancato. I'd like to also add that I really do enjoy your quick wit and look forward to seeing your posts.


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