I-80 Onramp Closure in Parsippany Bumped to Late May

Project will take six to 12 weeks, now starting two months later than expected.

Usually when major projects are delayed, it’s not a good thing.

This situation may be just the opposite, though, at least for motorists who travel through the Parsippany area on a daily basis.

The closure of the Rt. 202 ramp to Rt. 80 east bound, originally scheduled for late March, has been bumped yet again according to Parsippany Police.

The expected start date is now set for May 30, after it was moved from late March to mid-April, then late April, then mid-May.

Motorists using Route 202 North (Littleton Road) to gain access to I-80 East will need to take an alternate route for anywhere between six and 12 weeks while a new onramp is constructed.

There will be no direct access to the interstate highway during the construction, and very heavy delays are expected in the area. The project was scheduled to begin March 28.

The best route for motorists needing to access I-80 east, according to Parsippany police, would be directly from I-287 north. Police are advising motorists who use the roadways impacted to begin driving on alternate routes now to become accustomed to the changes.

Steve Reyes May 16, 2014 at 09:26 AM
How about they construct the new ramp first before they close the old ramp? Is that a novel idea?
Sick of the Bull May 16, 2014 at 10:17 AM
Being that this is one of the busiest and most widely used roadways in the state why don't the work on this project 24/7 and get the job done with some sense of urgency. It's is ridiculous how dangerous this stretch of roadway is.


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