Possible Conflicts of Interest for Councilmen Picking Attorney, Mayor Claims

The vote to appoint John Inglesino as township attorney was tabled due to the newly introduced letter from Mayor Barberio.

Mayor Jamie Barberio reads the end of a letter that claims two councilmen have conflicts of interest with the township attorney.
Mayor Jamie Barberio reads the end of a letter that claims two councilmen have conflicts of interest with the township attorney.
After a new president and vice president were chosen for Parsippany-Troy Hills' new council, they read off and unanimously approved standard resolutions at Tuesday's reorganization meeting.

However, as the new Parsippany-Troy Hills Council was about to read and vote on a resolution to confirmed the appointment of John Inglesino as the township attorney, Mayor Jamie Barberio brought up a letter that showed Council President Paul Carifi and new Councilman Louis Valori had conflicts of interest in regards to Inglesino. 

Council members said that this was the first time they had heard of this letter and its contents. 

Barberio said that going forward, “a large portion of township litigation is involved in one matter. So I notified the conflict attorney, Michael B. Lavery, Esq. of the Firm of Courter, Kobert & Cohen, PC, in regards to council president Paul Carifi and Councilman Louis Valori if they have conflicts on voting on issues pertaining to our township attorney.”

“I have a letter here from the conflict attorney stating such that there are conflicts … in voting for or against the township attorney.”

Carifi said he had not yet heard of this.

“This is news to me,” he said, asking Barberio to read the letter to the public.

“I’m going to give this (to the township clerk). I’m not going to read it into the record,” Barberio said, adding that the councilmen will “have the opportunity to read it.”

However, before he handed the letter over to township clerk, Yancy Wazirmas, he decided to read off the conclusion of the letter (also in the above video):

“Councilman Carifi and Councilman Valori have significant conflicts of interest with … township attorney Inglesino and therefore should not participate in matters regarding Inglesino, including any vote, including any vote related to his potential reappointment to township counsel. Based upon the events of the past year, this process would be tainted and would only bring harm to the reputation of the township as well as councilman Carifi and Councilman Valori individually,” said Barberio.

Carifi said that since there is a possibility of a conflict of interest and since the council has not had a chance to read the letter, the resolution to appoint Inglesino to township attorney was tabled unanimously to next week’s meeting.

Earlier this week, Little Falls township council turned down the mayor's appointment of Inglesino because Inglesino's cost would be 'going through the roof' at $2,000 per council meeting, with additional hours billed at $150 per hour, according to NorthJersey.com

At Tuesday's Parsippany council meeting, Barberio also listed off examples of how Inglesino’s firm was able to “secure successful outcomes” in several cases:

Baldwin Manor vs. Parsippany saved “the township approximately $3 million in liability … saved the township workers their jobs because if we would have lost that case, we would have had a few million dollars in liability and second we would have had to lay off all sanitation (employees) because we would not have been able to handle it.

Forge Pond vs. Parsippany In this trio of litigation, the firm effectively managed complex land use development, water, sewer and municipal services while aggressively negotiating a comprehensive severance package with the plaintiff.

“In their first three years of services, (Inglesino’s) firm saved the township over $200,000,” said Barberio.

Alan C January 10, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Just another bullying attempt by the Mayor to hide his misdeeds and his out of control legal spending. Parsippany should heed Little Falls' warning and dump this highly-priced, self-serving at the cost of taxpayers, good-for-nothing legal shyster!
Nicholas Robert Homyak January 10, 2014 at 10:25 AM
$200,000 saved for what; the waterview RD suit against the Town? Forge Pond was another rezone episode of a historic and ecologically unique landscape lost to a developer. Perhaps it should not have been compromised by our Planning Board ,settled and then claimed to have saved us money, in the name of the loss of this resource. Spending money for things well worth maintaining quality of life in the town is money well spent, not saved. Forge Pond is another example of a Resource that may have been saved if Parsippany became part of the NJ Highlands Master Plan Conformance. How come Inglesino’s legal advise does not advocate for these benefits that would be forthcoming under its application?
Ron Owens January 10, 2014 at 12:57 PM
I'm still astounded by the fact that there isn't an accounting for legal services available to the public. What IS going on here?
Michael January 10, 2014 at 01:25 PM
In my opinion, Inglesino is the one with conflicts of interest. He works for municipalities throughout Morris County, as well as planning boards, Redevelopment counsel among other things. In other words, he is in a position to help advise and tailor ordinances for development or conservation,, while at the same time, he represents many of New Jersey's largest developers. Read his bio here http://www.iandplaw.com/john-p-inglesino He helps tailor, or advise the council, to tailor the laws that could very well be turned to the advantage of his former, current , or future development clients


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