New Clerk: 'Very Proud' to be Working in Parsippany

Yancy Wazirmas assumed control of the municipal clerk's office after Labor Day.

Parsippany's as of Tuesday, and according to Yancy Wazirmas, things are going very well.

Right now, she told Patch she is in the process of getting settled.

"It's been a lot to take in," the new clerk said. "I'm meeting a lot of new people and trying to remember who is who. Everyone has been really nice, though, and very welcoming."

Wazirmas, 39, hails from Prospect Park, where she worked in the municipal clerk's office for eight years, moving up the ladder from assistant clerk to the top spot.

"I liked Prospect Park, but I was looking for... not exactly a new challenge, but  something a little bit bigger," she said, noting that the town has 5,600 residents.

Parsippany has nearly 10 times that number.

"Going from a small town to a big town is an adjustment," Wazirmas said. "Everything is different in Parsippany. In Prospect Park, I wore many hats, and everyone there does. Here, you have a lot of different people wearing one hat."

She said she was excited to learn about .

"That says something significant about the town," she said. "It's a big plus."

The clerk's office has been under a cloud for the past year. The previous municipal clerk, Elesha Johnson, after almost from the moment she came to Parsippany. . A similar action by the clerk's office employees is still in progress.

Wazirmas, who is single and owns a home in Prospect Park, said she knows nothing about the past incidents and has not experienced any problems thus far.

The new clerk told Patch she has no present plans to move to the township, but that she is taking time to learn about her new employer and her new duties.

One of her first major challenges will be preparing for the November elections, when she will preside over the and a .

"I am looking forward to that," Wazirmas said. "Right now, I'm familiarizing myself with the files and jumping right in to get things done from the get-go," she said.

I'm very proud to be working in Parsippany."


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