Whole Foods Hearing Postponed Due to Large Crowd

No word yet on when and where resumed testimony will take place.

A full house at Town Hall's Council Chambers for Monday's Planning Board general business meeting turned out to be too full.

Residents from Parsippany's Intervale area—including citizens of nearby Mountain Lakes—packed the large room. They were there to hear continued testimony on the .

But the testimony could not go forward. After the meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, Parsippany Fire Official Michael D'Alessandro announced that the proceedings could not continue because the number of people in the room exceeded the maximum amount allowed by township fire safety code.

D'Alessandro could not be reached to provide the number. A staffer in the town's Fire Prevention office said the official would not be in the office until Thursday. Currently, the only fire safety sign in Council Chambers says a maximum of 124 people can be in the front approximate three-quarters of the large room, which can be divided into a front and smaller rear section.

Board Chair Kaushik "Casey" Parikh ran through other matters scheduled to be heard before the panel, in hopes that the audience size might be reduced and allow the Waterview application testimony to proceed. The move proved fruitless, as most everyone in the building, including Mayor James Barberio and Town Council members Michael dePierro, Paul Carifi Jr. and Brian Stanton, was present for the Waterview case.

Developer RD Realty wants to convert 26 acres on the plaza that are zoned for office space into an overlay zone that would allow mixed retail and residential use.

Many residents object to the Waterview development project for a host of reasons, including fears regarding environmental concerns, increased traffic, possible school overcrowding, higher taxes and negative impacts on quality of life.

Whole Foods Market hopes to have a Parsippany location up and running by 2015.

Parikh said testimony on the controversial application will resume at a future date in a different location; both have yet to be determined. He said the likely new site will be a school and that the board will contact the Parsippany school district to make arrangements.

The Planning Board is not deciding whether the project will move forward. It will hear the testimony and make a recommendation to the Township Council, which ultimately will decide the Waterview development proposal's fate.

Frank Drebin December 19, 2012 at 05:12 PM
I don't live near the proposed site. I don't want it there!! Traffic, empty store fronts, water supply, sewer costs. I don't care if the mayor says we have plenty of water. (why do we have alternate water usage in the summer?) Who in town town is going to pocket money ?
Parsippany Taxpayer December 19, 2012 at 07:18 PM
It is time to vote all of the Parsippany board and Mayor out of office -- tow of the board members and the mayors ticket come up in 2013. They have been incompetent during the Sandy outage as Parsippany and especially the Inverale section were out longer than most parts of NJ -- the Intervale section took 11 days to restore power to most parts. Also this reminds me of the corruption of 2002 i Parsippany. Do our elected crooks think we tax paying citizens that they are suppose to represent forget? Just to show how corrupt this system is the person found guilty in this scandal that could have faced 20 years in prison got a slap in the wrist probation because his judge golf buddies found that he was too old to serve time in prison. Besides the high taxes for very little service this corruption is the reason people keep leaving NJ. http://www.npgop.org/wordpress/?p=540
Parsippany Taxpayer December 19, 2012 at 07:21 PM
By the way I don't work for the mayor, I am not Democrat nor Republican and am for the better well being of my family and my neighbors. As an independent I would vote for Mickey Mouse before re-electing any of the Parsippany officials that couldn't handle Sandy and that support an illegal rezoning that is opposed by the majority of my community.
Parsippany Taxpayer December 19, 2012 at 07:25 PM
I am however looking to figure out how to raise some funds to get mass mailers out to all of Parisppany regarding the blatant disregard for the citizens of Parisppany that our current board is trying to slide through while selling the community a bad bill of goods. Those of us that saw the layout of the proposed plot of land were appalled by the traffic and local impact that this would have to the community. Overcrowding of the school, taxpayer impact for the road impact and reduction of property values which would also pull funds from the general Parsippany population let alone cause hardship to the local and surrounding residents.
Kevin Guhl December 19, 2012 at 09:03 PM
What do you think the likelihood would be that the Township Council would move ahead on this in spite of a Planning Board recommendation against the development and public opposition?


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