Police Promotion: Did Mayor Make the Right Move?

Everyone's got an opinion. Patch wants to know yours.

over the way in which the was handled. Wandering around the town yesterday, the one thing most said is that Capt. Storms is a capable, hard-working and deserving officer and that it's a shame his achievement may be obscured by the antipathy swirling around Town Hall.

The vast majority of people agreed with that sentiment. The agreement stopped there.

Some people stood behind Mayor James Barberio's preemptive strike, putting together a quick promotion ceremony before the Township Council could talk further about a proposal to change town law to limit the police force to three captains, was a bold move.

Others said the mayor lied and did not live up to a July 10 statement to the council that he would meet with its members prior to moving ahead with the promotion. (He did meet with Councilmen Michael dePierro and Vincent Ferrara, not with the entire council, but in fact, .)

Others had thoughts that fell between the two poles described above.

Patch wants to know what you think. Take the poll, and then in comments, please elaborate on your view and tell us what effect this controversy and debate

parpardon July 20, 2012 at 05:19 AM
Ed Dante, you surely are fans of the Carifi's. You know what the Carifi's are thinking. The Mayor made the right choice by promoting Storms to Captain. Ed do you klnow why Carifi supported Olympio over Rochford for sheriff? Because Olympio offered Carifi under-sheriff. That is a favor for his support. That is what lands people in jail. Paul Carifi admitted himself. So stop coming on here as if you don't know the Carifi's.
parpardon July 20, 2012 at 05:27 AM
Luis, the Mayor wasn't 100% wrong. Luis, Storms was the issue. The Carifi's did not want Storms to be promoted. He said he would discuss it with dePierro. The Mayor did that then dePierro changed his mind. If you believe that Jeff Storms is a great guy and deserves to be promoted then you should thank Mayor Barberio. The three council member Vigilante, Carifi and dePierro were trying to block the promotion. They knew well in advance the Mayor was going to make this promotion.
Bill Holder July 20, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Hi Ed - In comparing our current Mayor to Mayor Luther and Letts - yes, I certainly am a fan. Luther and Letts would never make time for residents. Letts also put Parsippany into a severe debt by making awful financial decisions on behalf of the town. I remember my sewer/water rates and property taxes rising every year under the Letts administration. Regarding the Carifi's - running the town and leading the town are two very different things. Mayor Barberio is a leader, where the Carifi's have selfish interests. Paul Carifi didn't support Olympio because he would have been a better Sheriff, he supported Olympio because he was promised a high ranking promotion. I would personally never support anyone like that. Leaders with corrupt motivations = carifi brothers.
Ed Dantes July 20, 2012 at 06:34 PM
ParParDon, I actually don't care for the Carifi's, however Paul has certainly been refreshing on the council. Imagine Parsippany's council not just rubber stamping what the Mayor wants? Open and public discussions, the horror. I don't know what Paul's motives were in backing Mr. Olympio, you don't either. I do however know that he has the right to back or support whomever he wishes. As I said Mr. Rocford ran against a same party incumbent (then longtime Sheriff Fox) a Parsippany resident yet.
Ed Dantes July 20, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Mr. Holder, I'd take Mayor Letts over Mayor Barberio anytime. She was always readily available; in fact she answered the Mayor's Hotline personally both times I called it. It's funny you hardcore republicans blame her for anything that went wrong during her time in office, but praise the council for all that went well. Her time in office was the only time in memory when the Dems and Reps had to compromise and work together. Do you really believe she caused your tax and sewers bill to rise? You don't think that was due to all the businesses that Priore had given huge tax breaks leaving? You don't think the added needs due to Mr. Mosbergs over developing (also Priore) caused this? Lets be realistic here. Barberio doesn't lead in my opinion, he dictates. He doesn't seem to care for the citizens in need (see displaced Lk Hiawatha residents or his unpopular FOD push). He is self centered and doesn't care what the residents think. He has also shown himself to lack integrity (see Valori incident, This Promotion and the other lies he's been caught in). What's that line of his: "That's the first I've heard of this". As for leaders with corrupt motives, look up Parsippany Politicians in general. Certainly the man pictured celebrating with former Mayor Priore is a man of honor and integrity.


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