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State of Emergency Still On; Driving Ban Over, Says Mayor

Mayor James Barberio issues a press release reminding residents of public safety rules, request and travel tips.

Parsippany is still in a state of emergency, but the ban on driving has been lifted.

That's the latest word from Mayor James Barberio, who has issued a new statement outlining the status of the township.

The mayor said that while driving is not longer prohibited, residents are urged to stay off of the roads as much as possible and to restrict driving to daylight hours.

"There are still many streets in our township that are blocked with downed trees and wires," Barberio said in the statement. "Do not approach any downed wires. Assume that any wire that you see is live."

The mayor also cautioned resident to obey the restrictions put in place by Parsippany Police, as they exist to protect public safety.

"Do not move or drive around cones or barricades," he said. "They are there for a reason and you will encounter a hazardous situation if you disregard them."

He added that many traffic signals and street lights still are not working.

"If it is necessary for you to leave your home," he said, "use extreme caution."

The mayor issued a reminder that the warming/charging station at Littleton School, 51 Brooklawn Drive will operate from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. "for as long as there is a need to keep it operational."

Residents are allowed to sleep overnight at the shelter in the gym of Parsippany High School, 309 Baldwin Road, which is open 24 hours a day. People may charge their phones and electronic devices there as well. Pets may be brought to the shelter, however they may not come inside. Parsippany Animal Control will take custody of the animals, keep them at the animal shelter and return them to you at the end of your stay. For your comfort at the high school, the mayor recommended bringing blankets, air mattresses, etc., and any medications you require.

Mayor Barberio reported that power was restored Thursday to large sections of Lake Hiawatha and Lake Parsippany. He said utility work will continue restoring services well into next week.

The main branch of the Parsippany Free Public Library is still without power, as has been the case all week. Its satellites, the Mt. Tabor Library and the Lake Hiawatha Library do have electricity and will be open Friday, Barberio said. 

Per the Parsippany Board of Education, said the mayor, township schools will remain closed on Friday. 

Town Hall reopened to the public Thursday, despite its lack of phone service. The mayor said all township offices will be open Fridayand all employees are to report for work. 

He asked all residents to be mindful that the town's Water Department is still operating using backup generators. To that end, he made a request that people conserve water until full power is restored to the department. 

Barberio reiterated a statement made early Thursday by Parsippany Police Chief Anthony DeZenzo: Gas stations that have no fuel to sell are asked to remove the prices from their price signs.

And he listed a number of road closures important for residents of Lake Hiawatha returning home during the evening hours: 

  • Route 46 east is CLOSED from Smith Road to South Beverwyck Road 
  • Route 46 west is CLOSED from North Beverwyck Road to Baldwin Road 
  • South Beverwyck Road is CLOSED in both directions at the Route 80 East exit ramp, which is also closed.

Alternate routes to Lake Hiawatha: 

  • Take Old Bloomfield Avenue to Edwards Road 
  • Take Jefferson Road to Mazdabrook Rd. to Baldwin Road 
  • Take New Road to Route 46 west to North Beverwyck Road

The mayor also noted that the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Rabies Clinic scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled. 

Barberio offered one more reminder: Call 9-1-1 only if you have an emergency.

CONCETTA BARNISH November 02, 2012 at 10:16 PM
there are people on Seminole Avenue with no power as of yet from the middle of Seminole to Lake shore. And in very much need of help.Part of Seminole to minniehaha is up and running to Beverwyck it looks fine.Please send help to those people to get there power turned back on. the weather is getting cold and they need your help. God be with everyone and keep safe.


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