Teen Activist To Testify In Support of Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

Jacob Rudolph, 18, of Parsippany will urge the Legislature to pass a ban on controversial practice.

Parsippany teen and viral video star Jacob Rudolph will be traveling to Trenton on Thursday to support proposed legislation that would ban gay conversion therapy on minors.

During a senior award acceptance speech at Parsippany High School in January 2013, Rudolph came out in front of his classmates, sparking a video that received more than 1.7 million views on YouTube.

The teen later launched a petition on Change.org urging Gov. Christie to support pending legislation in Trenton that would ban the use of controversial gay “conversion” therapy on minors.

This controversial practice is employed by some churches and conservative Christian groups in hopes of changing sexual orientation—despite the fact that so-called "ex-gay" therapies have been repudiated repeatedly by groups including the American Psychiatric Association, the American Pediatric Association and the American Medical Association.

After receiving 115,000 signatures, Rudolph is ready to testify before the New Jersey Assembly Committee on Women and Children in support of the legislation.

“Shortly after testifying before the New Jersey Senate in March, Gov. Christie responded to my Change.org petition, saying that he doesn’t believe in conversion therapy either,” Rudolph said. “But stating your beliefs and taking action are two very different things, and I’m thrilled to once again travel to Trenton to speak on behalf of the 115,000 voices urging Gov. Chris Christie to protect New Jersey kids.

“Now’s our chance to finally end gay conversion therapy on minors,” added Rudolph.

Christie has yet to say whether he’ll support the pending legislation to ban gay conversion therapy on minors.

Sick of the Bull June 13, 2013 at 07:17 PM
REALLY!!!! Who gives a s@#t! I knew there had to be an agenda for your "coming out" party. Are you now going to try and make a living out of being gay. Dude, keep it to yourself. The "normal" world doesn't really care. Don't flaunt your gayness. If you are gay, thats fine, we really don't need to know.
Suburbanites June 13, 2013 at 11:06 PM
Well although I think I was ahead of gay rights before it became fashionable I actually agree with the previous poster. Being gay is your right and business but now that it's generally accepted it seems as though anyone who "comes out" is automatically a civil rights hero. Just as you shouldn't be discriminated against for your orientation you don't get to be a 24/7 walking cause either. I get that there's more work to be done but enough already, being gay doesn't turn you into Nelson Mandela, and you’re not some oppressed victim who has escaped bondage. You are someone who chooses to share something personal about yourself with others. You can do that in a normal speaking voice without a bullhorn. And what exactly is it that this kid seeks to accomplish with his new found fame? He wants a law that tells people what kind of therapy they're allowed to have? Yes, I get it; he wants the state to "protect" teens from the wishes of their parents. See this is what he and others don't seem to get. People are allowed to have opposing viewpoints, and sometimes they're based on religious beliefs. In this country that is an unalienable right. And yes parents are allowed to seek what they believe is best for their child as long as it's not illegal or puts said child in harm’s way. A child talking to a clergy member or a therapist doesn't apply, as misguided as the position may appear to be. Tolerance is a two way street young man, this is a life lesson you'd do well to learn.


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